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Former USA Hockey Star Says Radon Gas Caused Her Stage 4 Lung Cancer

X-Rays Made with Scotch Tape: Unwinding Scotch tape produces enough radiation to image a human finger. A View from Katherine Bourzac

December 2017 Food Irradiation Update

November 2017 Food Irradiation Update

Food Irradiation Update

Food Irradiation Update

Underexposed: What If Radiation is Actually Good for You?

Is Radiation Necessary For Life?

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen And The Discovery Of X-Ray Beams

The element that causes arguments

THE RADIUM GIRLS-Multiple deaths led the FDA to take action against radium

After Fukushima, a glut of green energy in Japan

Atomic Clay Lipsky

Alpha, Beta or Gamma? It's the Nuclear Radiation Quiz

When Time Stood Still- A Hiroshima Survivor's Story

Nuclear-Powered Concept Cars from the Atomic Age

New Musical Atomic will play Off Broadway

Secret Soviet death rays. Yetis. Aliens. Just waht did slaughter nine hikers on Siberia's Death Mountain in 1959?

Radiation Danger: Is It Real? The Truth About Medical Tests, Cell Phones and Airport Scanners

Mae Keane, Believed To Be Last Of Waterbury's Radium Girls Dies at 107

RADIUM HOUND-a responsible dealer of a radioactive element once pushed as a quack cure tried to keep the genie in the bottle, writes Theresa Everline in the Magazine on Medium

Major biological discovery…inside the Chernobyl reactor??

Atomic Goal: 800 Years of Power From Waste

A waste-eating bug for nuclear power?

Nuclear Wind

Life After Radiation for Brain Cells

Chernobyl's legacy recorded in trees

Fifty-Year-Old Space Theory is Wrong

NYPD's Terahertz Scanner Sees Concealed Weapons

Aging Sciences: Anti-Aging-Firewalls, Radiation Hormesis

Common Everyday Items that are Radioactive

Like We've Been Saying -- Radiation Is Not A Big Deal

Topol: Runaway Use of Radiation Harming Patients

Do you live near a nuclear power plant? Study will assess cancer risks

"The Double Edged Sword" Raidation Safety Video

Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center

Who's paying for San Onofre?

When eBay and Steampunk Don't Mix

Gamma ray optics: a viable tool for a new branch of scientific discovery

Past Imperfect: Going Nuclear over the Pacific

Backers raise cash for Tesla museum honoring 'cult hero'

Wildlife flourishing after experiencing devastation nuclear accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima

Kirk Sorensen: A Detailed Exploration Of Thorium's Potential As An Energy Source

Powering America - Is nuclear energy safe? Can it really meet all of our energy needs?

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer claims huge cosmic ray haul

55 years ago, 6 stood under atomic bomb blast -- on purpose

France's 20th century radium craze still haunts Paris

Forbidden Science: Low Level Radiation and Cancer

World wide nuclear detonations 1945-1998 (video)

Everything you need to know explained in 60 seconds

Tour the Tomb of NASA’s First and Last Nuclear Reactor

FCC may take up issue of cell phone radiation

Manhattan Project sites expected to become new national park

The mushroom cloud hung over Beijing- (Photos)

Madame Curie's Passion- by Julie Des Jardins

Through a muon's eyes

Moving From Square One on Nuclear Waste

Japan firm unveils radiation-gauging smartphone

Remember Stuxnet? Why the U.S. is still vulnerable

Bee Research.......Laterial Solutions

5 Post-Apocalyptic Short Films On YouTube You Have To Watch

A Nuclear Clash Could Starve the World

"Monster Sunspot" Spitting out Flares

Radium Dial Painters- What Happened to Them?

Homeland Security Concedes Airport body Scanner Vulnerabilities

The Man Who Stuck his Head Inside a Particle Accelerator

The Man Who Saved the World?

Massive Mushroom Cloud Made of Kitchen Utensils

Visualizing the Frightening Power of Nuclear Bombs

32 Breathtaking Examples of X-Ray Art

PBS Nature: Radioactive Wolves...What happens to nature after a nuclear accident?

First Message Transmitted Via Neutrinos

Researchers Caputer First-Ever Images of Atoms Moving in a Molecule

Fast alternative treatment for radiation exposure is promising

U.S. studies confirm Europe close on 'God particle'

WSOCTV: Radon Threat on the Rise

Radiation Hormesis-Using low dose radiation to heal the body.. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.......

Meet the 17-year-old nuclear star- Taylor Wilson

Handle with Care: Could your gold jewelry be RADIOACTIVE?

Radioactive table legs found in shipment

Why is this cargo container emitting so much radiation?

New details emerge in CT scan radiation overdose scandal

World's most powerful lazer to tear apart the vacuum of space

Radiation risks of diagnostic imaging- From The Joint Commission

Nebraska Nuclear Plants Face Dangeous Flood Waters

I Saved My Country From Nuclear Blackmail- The father of Pakistani bomb on why we shouldn't be afraid

Russia: Iran's First Nuke Plant to Be Fully Operational Within Weeks

Most nuclear plans on track outside Japan, Germany

Yucca Mountain project setup took years; shutdown taking only months

Japan to Cancel Plan to Build More Nuclear Plants

America's Worst Nuclear Power Plants

UK Nuclear Site Terror Arrest Made

There is No Safe Dose of Radiation

How Nuclear Radiation Can Change Our Race (Dec, 1953)

Chubu Electric decides to suspend operations at Hamaoka plant

Nuclear 'cheapest option' for UK

Japan Quake Map

Natural Protection Against Radiation

The Discovery Of Radioactivity:
The Dawn of the Nuclear Age

German nuclear review throws up new problems


Living Next to Nuclear Power

April 2011 High Radiation Levels Found at Ohio Nuclear Plant

Chernobyl anniversary: Medvedev seeks nuclear rules

Regulators Should Impose Stricter Nuclear Safety Standards

Ga. Nuclear Reactor Back Online at Partial Power

Chernobyl nuclear disaster: Ukraine marks anniversary

The Town that Wants Nuclear Waste

Using Thorium Could Reduce Risk of Nuclear Power

Q&A: Health Effects of Radiation Exposure

November 2010 Oklo Reactor - The world's first and only natural nuclear reactor

Hospitals Blame Toshiba for Radiation Overdoses

Radiation Injury Treatment Network

Radiation Hormesis:
Is it good for us or Fungi? You be the judge:
Radiation Hormesis
Fungi and Radiation

65 Years Later: A comparison of Hiroshima and Detroit

Judges rule Obama can't close Yucca Mountain nuclear dump

'Naked' Airport Scanners May Increase Cancer Risk

New Chinese Delicacy: Irradiated Chicken

Good Site if you are Worried About EMP & Electronics

South Carolina Governor Says Obama is Playing Politics with Yucca Mountain

Do Coal Plants Produce More Radioactivity than Nuclear Plants?

August 10, 2010: Russian Fires Raise Fears of Radioactivity

December 30, 2009: : From Esquire: Meet the Man Who Could End Global Warming- By John H. Richardson

February 26, 2009: From NewScientist-Earliest weapons-grade plutonium found in US dump- By Colin Barras

December 10 , 2008: From NewScientist-Why Einstein was wrong about relativity-by Mark Buchanan

October 23, 2008:Study Finds...Peeling Scotch Tape Emits X-Rays

October 23, 2008:UCLA Researchers use Scotch Tape to Produce X-Rays

September 25, 2008: Nuclear Waste Piling Up at U.S. Hospitals

July 17, 2008: Scientists Close in on Source of X-rays in Lightning

June 27, 2008: North Korea Destroys Tower at Nuclear Complex

June 26, 2008: RFID Tags Interfere with Hospital Equipment and Raise Safety Concerns-Featured article from Medical News Today

April 16, 2008: Anode vs Cathode-Think you know which is which?

April 14, 2008: Non-invasive RF Cancer Treatment

April 10, 2008: Radon-Related Cancer Victim Encourages Testing Homes

February 28, 2008: Electron Filmed in Motion for the First Time

January 2, 2008: Great New Radiation Articles and Links

December 20, 2007: Radiation movie set: Controversy still surrounds the filming of the 1950's The Conqueror

December 17, 2007: Lethal radiation jet blasts neighboring star cluster

August 29, 2007: Radioactive road trip: College kids on assignment: See how hard or easy it is to infiltrate nuclear reactors on college campuses; from ABC News "Primetime."

August 27, 2007: Need a smile? Click here-Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

August 9, 2007: Radioactive Boy Scout arrested for Stealing Smoke Detectors

May 9, 2007: Radiation: Friend or Foe to Honeybees

January 25, 2007: CIA-Aided Sting Seizes Bomb Grade Uranium-Suspects Not Cooperating With Investigators

September 18, 2006: Is a Dirty Bomb Imminemt?

June 6, 2006: Three Mile Island-What Happened?-Go inside a nuclear reactor and explore the worst nuclear disaster America has ever seen. ( From PBS)

May 5, 2006: Finland to bury nuclear waste

January 10, 2006: New treatment for breast cancer

September 7, 2005: Report: Chernobyl "likely to kill 4,000"

July 11, 2005: Trillion-Dollar Radiation Mistake?

July 11, 2005: Comparative Study of the Effect of Microwave Radiation Neutralizers on Physiological State of Human Subjects-by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D and M.S., 132 KB PDF File

June 29, 2005:The National Academy of Sciences panel reports: Very low radiation levels pose cancer risks-As reported by The Associated Press

May 19, 2005: Learn more about the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

April 26, 2005: New study finds cell phones not linked to brain tumors

March 2, 2005: Cleanup risks at nuclear sites analyzed by scientists

February 11, 2005: Who has nuclear weapons?

January 10, 2005: US-Russia takes action against loose nukes

January 3, 2005: Study Finds: Cell Phone Radiation Breaks Human and Animan DNA -by Stephen L. Fowler

November 23, 2004: Single Particles Do Not Exhibit Wave-like Behavior-by BingXin Gong, 11KB PDF File

November 23, 2004: The Classical electrodynamics Approach to Explain the Photoelectric Effect and the Photoelectric emission-by BingXin Gong, 93KB PDF File

November 23, 2004: The Uncertainty Principle is Untenable-by BingXin Gong, 43KB PDF File

October 29, 2004: Energy Department fights fine at Washington nuclear facility

October 27, 2004: Oconee nuclear plant accident concerns Duke Power and the federal group

October 18, 2004: Recent study suggest cell phone users at risk for tumor

October 1, 2004: Nuclear facility recycles uranium

August 18, 2004: Critics take aim at Oak Ridge nuclear plant

June 14, 2004: Dirty Bomb- you better believe it-by Steve Fowler, 36KB word document

May 4, 2004: Cleanup costs from "dirty Bomb" could be enormous

April 20, 2004: NRC Fact Sheet on Three Mile Island-March 28, 2004 was the 25th anniversary of the most serious accident in U.S. commercial power plant operating history.

April 16, 2004: Worker's health endangered from fumes at nuclear clean-up site

April 5, 2004: Ride Through Chernobyl -join the author "Elena" as she travels on her motorcycle to Chernobyl, home of the world's worst nuclear accident.

April 2, 2004: Scotland Yard installs Superman Vision-OOPS!- by Steve Fowler

March 1, 2004: Radiation Discovered- March 1, 1896-108 years ago

January 5, 2004: Instrument Calibration Technican must be age 55 or older- National Older Worker Career Center-
Being 55 or older is good for the environment

December 17, 2003: Amount of radioactive waste at South Carolina landfill doubles

December 15, 2003: Nevada's nuclear war with Feds

December 11, 2003: Ending the nuclear threat vision continues to live on today

October 30, 2003: Free Energy? You decide...but send us your comments

October 30, 2003: Radiation patient sets off anti-terrorism sensor in subway

July 30, 2003: MIT reports on the future of nuclear energy

July 30, 2003: A Soldier'sViewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks

June 23, 2003: GaAs Wafer that Detects Neutrons

May 15, 2003: "Candy Store" for Terrorists

February 3, 2003: Nuclear Rockets Could Shorten Flight Time to Mars

January 13, 2003: X-rays Considered for Carcinogen List

December 20, 2002: Irradiating the Mail, Is It Safe? Not for electronics and seeds

August 19, 2002: India Upgrading Nuclear Missile Capabilities

August 19, 2002: Anti-Radiation Pills Distributed Near Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident Site

August 16, 2002: Whistleblower Says Plutonium Shipments are Unsafe

July 18, 2002: Is Radiation An Essential Trace Energy?

June 24, 2002: Smart Clothes Are Coming of Age-n

June 17, 2002: Chernobyl: Ultimate Tour

May 15, 2002: 16th Anniversary Marked by Chernobyl Survivors

May 3, 2002: Stop Yucca....Don't Dump on Nevada!

March 15, 2002: Matter vs Antimatter...Physicists find Difference

January 11, 2002: Russia upset over U.S. Nuclear Storage Plans

January 9, 2002: Irradiation Sets Mail on Fire

January 6, 2002: Uranium Reportedly Found in Afghan Tunnel Complex

January 3, 2002: Happy Nuke Year 2002

December 5, 2001: Presorting Mail in a Glove Box-

November 21, 2001:
New Breast Cancer Treatment Could Shorten Radiation Time to

November 15, 2001: Germans Protest Nuclear Waste Shipment

November 8, 2001: Bush Is Concerned bin Laden Is Seeking Bomb That Spews Radioactive material

November 8, 2001: Turkish Police Stop Uranium Sale

Gamma Master: Geiger Counter Watch- you have to have one!!

Stars make scientists' heads spin

Terror from the Tabloids

House Committee Wants Nuclear Reactors Secured

SRS Officials use Trees to Suck up Nuclear Contamination

Wall Street Finally Recognizes Value of Nuclear Energy Firms

More Nuclear Power Plants for South Korea

Rocky Flats Plant to Ship Plutonium to Savannah River Site

Historical Evidence that Residential Electrification caused the emergence of the Childhood Leukemia Peak- by S. Milham and E.M. Ossiander

Health Hazards Associated with Interviewing Antinuclear Activists- New twist on radiation safety by Michael Stabin and Paul Frame from HPS Newsletter Jan. 2000

Ozone May Soon Become Important to Food Industry. Used to treat, store, and process foods.

German Protesters Try to Stop Train Carrying Nuclear Waste

Government Program to Aid Sick Workers Moved from the Labor Department to the Justice Department

US to Reassess Programs Helping Russia Secure Nuclear Materials

Bush Urged to Look at Nuclear Treaty

Spain Checks 32,000 Soldiers for Radiation

SC Nuclear Repair Gains Worldwide Look

Study finds no Link Between Cell Phones Use and Brain Cancer

Gamma Ray Burst 11 Billion Years Ago Leads to New Discovery

Radiation Cuts Risk of Reclogging

Plutonium Contamination in Processing Plants- Concerns about plutonium contamination of personnel whoworked in ammunition processing plants decades ago...

Plutonium Plans - Plans for using plutonium to make nuclear reactor fuel...

Crookes Saw a New World - In 1903 Sir William Crookes was experimenting in his London laboratory with the fluorescence of alpha particles . .

Pioneer Reactor still Breaking New Ground after 40 Years - . . .UF training reactor celebrated its 40th anniversary

Decommissioning and Disposal Options for Cesium-137 Blood Irradiators

Hexyl-PVP Kills Germs, Bacteria on Contact