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Presorting Mail in a Glove Box - Smart Idea

By Jennifer Hazen



(Mail Presorting Chambers-click here)

Electro-Tech Systems, Inc. has introduced a line of glove boxes for the presorting of mail in these times of uncertainty. ETS has for many years designed chambers for ESD and other uses. Now they are putting their expertise to use to help protect companies from the pathogen threats in the mail. Their glove boxes allow for pre-sorting and inspection of the mail prior to allowing it in the office areas. Additions may be made to the boxes for negative pressure, filtration, and sanitation fluids. Many labs have used such boxes to maintain humidity and temperature control. Now any company may use these chambers to help protect their employees from terrorists' threats.

The US Postal Service has issued an alert for handling mail. Click here to go to the mail alert page.

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December 5, 2001