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Turkish Police Stop Uranium Sale

Paramilitary police in Turkey arrested two Turks after they were discovered attempting to sell weapons-grade uranium to undercover officers, police said.

The suspects agreeded to sell the officers 2.56 pounds of uranium of a quality that could be used to develop a nuclear weapon, police officials were reported as saying.

The arrests came the same day President Bush warned Eastern European leaders that Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'eda network could be seeking nuclear weapons to step up its fight against the United States.

Turkey's state-run news agency reported the men bought the weapons-grade uranium this year from an unidentified source, who had brought the uranium from an Eastern European country into Turkey.

The uranium was wrapped in newspaper when the suspects offered to sell it to the officers for $750,000, Turkey's news agency said.

According to the news agency Turkey's state nuclear research authority is now in possession of the material.