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Plutonium to be shipped to SRS by Rocky Flats


Elizabeth Nelson

In 17 months, Rocky Flats in Golden, Colorado will remove all weapons-grade plutonium. Plutonium is the most toxic material at the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant. Shipments will begin by the end of May, according to Alan Parker, president of Kaiser-Hill Co. Kaiser-Hill Co. is responsible for the cleanup of the site.

By September, 2002, all plutonium is expected to be removed from the site. It will be stored at the Department of Energy's Savannah River, S.C., plant. The Department of Energy recently certified the shipping containers in hopes of speeding up the removal process. In March, a report declared the Rocky Flats cleanup was behind schedule.

Other types of waste will be shipped from Rocky Flats to a burial site in New Mexico. By the end of the year, 15 weekly shipments are expected to leave Rocky Flats. Currently, 5-9 shipments leave per week.