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In the News.... Radiation Awareness...

Chernobyl vodka: Scientists create booze from disaster's exclusion zone

Decades after nuclear disaster, tourism is booming in Chernobyl

Man accused of trying to hire hit man, buy lethal radioactive material

Was British scientist who first linked Russia to Litvinenko’s assassination another victim of Kremlin killers?

The History Hour: The Posioning of Litvinenko

Three Mile Island nuclear plant will close in 2 years, owner says

Tunnel collapse at Hanford Nuclear site, emergency declared

Judge: Feds must move plutonium from Savannah River Site

Norway Nuclear Reactor Leaks Radioactive Iodine: Officials

TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2 achieves commercial operation

Nuclear accident in New Mexico ranks among the costliest in U.S. history

California's last nuclear power plant to close

Exclusive: On May 23, 2016 at 0216 hours Watts Bar station Unit-2 went critical becoming the newest US nuclear power plant. The Unit will transition to 100% power and perform various power ascension tests for the next 120 days. It is forecast to begin commercial power operations by the end of the summer. See May 4, 2016 article: TVA prepares to start America's first new nuclear power reactor in 20 years

Satellite picks up activity at North Korea plutonium lab

Brussels suspects linked to nuclear facility plot

Belgium Evacuates Nuclear Power Plant As Panic Spreads After Attacks

Leaking Beachfront Nuclear Reactor Near Miami Threatening Florida Everglades

Florida scuba diver says he was sucked into nuclear plant intake pipe

Fire inside transformer at Oconee Nuclear Station under investigation

Indian Point nuclear plant called "disaster waiting to happen"

Radioactive Material Stolen In Iraq Raises Security Fears

Degraded power cables at Oconee nuclear plant lead to special inspection

More plutonium headed to South Carolina's SRS

Nuclear Reactor at New York's Indian Point Is Shut Down

Fear at the tap: Uranium contaminates water in the West

Radioactive Boy lives! Now wants to invent a 100-year light bulb

Officials squabble as underground fire burns near radioactive waste dump in St. Louis area

Japan fires up second reactor since Fukushima disaster

Nuclear Smugglers Tried Selling Radioactive Materials To ISIS

Food Irradiation Updates September 2015

Chernobyl’s arch completed

Japan Marks 72nd Anniversary Of Hiroshima With Call For Nuke-Free World

70 Years After Trinity Test, The Nuclear Age Inspires Concern -- And Tourism

Nuclear option: US critics balk at Canadian plan to bury radioactive waste near Lake Huron


'High level' of radiation detected in Tokyo park

Drone with radioactive material found on Japanese Prime Minister's
office roof

Accident Occurred At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, But Poses No Danger: Govt

Chernobyl: The Catastrophe that Never Ended

David Greenglass, key witness in Rosenberg spying case, dies at 92

Report: Two dead after explosion in Iranian nuclear facility

Big solar storm heading toward Earth

Japanese nuclear plant clears safety hurdle

Nuclear Nightmare: As Terror Fears Spike, Power Plant Near Nation’s Capital Sits Practically Unguarded

Inspector Wants California's Last Nuclear Plant Shut Down

Radiation measuring device triggered by load at Yukon facility

Navajo still plagued by old uranium mines

Last surviving Hiroshima bomb crew member dies

Alexander Litvinenko death: UK announces public inquiry

WGN America debuts new series ‘Manhattan’ on Sunday, July 27, 2014

Israel bombarded by Hamas as rockets target nuclear reactor

U.S. officials: Terrorist seizure of nuclear materials in Iraq of minimal concern

Secret Soviet death rays. Yetis. Aliens. Just waht did slaughter nine hikers on Siberia's Death Mountain in 1959?

Hiroshima atomic bomb attraction more popular than ever

German Nuclear Waste May Be Headed to South Carolina

Radioactive Waste Is North Dakota's New Shale Problem

Mae Keane, Believed To Be Last Of Waterbury's Radium Girls Dies at 107

A Sane and Sober Look at the USS Reagan Radiation Contamination Incident

Delta, Qantas, Air Canada Divert Flights Due to Solar Storm

Yasser Arafat 'was not poisoned' - leaked French report

Yasser Arafat Poisoned? Swiss Scientists Say They Found Lethal Level Of Polonium In Palestinian Leader's Body

Nuclear Regulatory Commission To Furlough Employees Due To Government Shutdown

Wave of jellyfish clogs up Swedish nuclear reactor, shuts it down

Washington Navy Yard Gunman Thought He Was Controlled by Electromagnetic Waves: Authorities

US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina – secret document

North Korea Restarted Yongbyon Nuclear Facility, American Group Says Based On Satellite Images

Leak Forces Shut Down of NJ Nuclear Plant

Report: U.S. nuclear plants remain vulnerable to terrorists

Feds must act on Yucca Mountain nuke-waste site permit: Judge

Ex-Supervisor at Indian Point nuclear plant charged with falsifying test reports

Alexander Litvinenko Poisoning: Public Inquiry Rejected By Government

Feds: 2 plotted to build 'Hiroshima light switch' weapon

Goldfish caper at Perry nuclear power plant has been solved

Socal Edison Retiring San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Call For Public Inquiry Into Alexander Litvinenko Death

Asos Withdraws 'Radioactive' Peplum Leather Belts

Earth's rotating inner core shifts speeds

The 27th Anniversary of Chernobyl in Pctures

Sensitive Alexander Litvinenko Inquest Evidence Will Be Heard In Secret

Litvinenko Inquest: Britain And Russia 'Conspiring To Cover Up' Details Of Former KGB Spy's Death

6 underground tanks holding radioactive waste leaking in Washington state

Defiant North Korea Detonates Third Nuclear Explosion

Will France Give Up Its Role as a Nuclear Powerhouse?

Rating agency thinks Crystal River nuclear plant will be closed

Youtube: Can Cosmic Rays change Human DNA ?

Nuclear power in space? Petition asks White House to rekindle project

Vogtle Nuclear Generating Station, Units 3 & 4, Burke County, Georgia

US nuke lab removes Chinese-made switches over security fears

Fukushima inspires safety features for Georgia nuclear reactors

German coal power revival poses new emissions threat

Nuclear Power Whistleblowers Charge Federal Regulators With Favoring Secrecy Over Safety

The CSI behind exhuming Arafat: Tissue, hair and soil

Arafat's tomb sealed off in preparation for exhumation

Workers exhuming Yasser Arafat's body in probe of death

Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms – one of the most dangerous delusions of our age

Cracks at South Korean nuclear plant raise fresh safety concerns

Arafat's remains to be exhumed Nov. 26

Finland Builds Nuclear Dump at Island as Obama, Merkel Lag

TSA saves America from 16yo diabetic, breaks $10K insulin pump which totally could have been a bomb

TSA Screenings Update for People with Diabetes

Criminal investigators to exhume Arafat in November, French official says

Hitachi buys UK nuclear project

Satellite photos of Iran military site bring questions of explosives testing

Germans face hefty bill to end nuclear power (update)

Edison seeks to fire up San Onofre nuclear reactor

Alexander Litvinenko: Death Of Russian Spy 'State-Sponsored Nuclear Terrorism On The Streets Of London'

Demonstrators Call For 'Nuclear Extermination Of Japanese Wild Dogs'

U.N. nuclear governors censure Iran over atom bomb concerns

Texas Posse Hunting for Halliburton’s Missing Radioactive Device

Hospitals' Negligent Security of Radioactive Materials Could Up Terrorism Risk, Says GAO

Iran nuclear reactor reaches 'full capacity'

Big radiation risk unlikely if Israel strikes Iran: experts

Iran’s expanding nuclear program: the pink tarp that spells trouble

North Korea 'places dome' on light water reactor

Judge to lead UK inquest into ex-Russian spy murder

NRC Freezes All Nuclear Reactor Construction & Operating Licenses In U.S.

RPT-NRC halts plant license approvals to resolve waste issue

Guards replaced after Tennessee nuclear security breach

Japan marks Hiroshima bombing amid anti-nuclear calls

Oak Ridge uranium plant shut after protesters breach 4 fences, reach building

Tsunami debris: Oregon workers begin slicing up Japanese dock

California nuclear plant: Up and running by year's end?

Satellite imagery shows ramped-up work at North Korea reactor

Israel Accused of Killing Yasser Arafat

Palestinians cautiously advance Arafat probe

Yasser Arafat's widow files complaint in France after 'poisoning' claim

Clinton: USA will not respond to Arafat poisoning rumors

Americans Are Willing to Pay More for Clean Energy

Japan ignores protests to resume nuclear power

Sweden raises alert after explosives found near nuclear plant

£1 billion deal paves the way for Trident nuclear deterrent replacement

Manhattan Project sites expected to become new national park

Pakistan boasted of nuclear strike on India within eight seconds

Nasa's Nustar X-ray telescope rides to orbit

Iran nuclear talks are on, but both sides frustrated, say diplomats

Nuclear panel must weigh risks of long-term storage, court rules

How hard is it to dismantle 150 nuclear reactors? Europe’s about to find out.

Japan PM says two reactors must restart for "survival of society"

Iran Nuclear Talks: U.N. Watchdog to Push Iran for Access in Nuclear Probe

Japanese more opposed to nuclear power a year after tsunami

Court rules on Nuclear Waste Fund payments

Nuclear waste expert tapped as top U.S. nuclear regulator

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Finds Traces Of More Highly Enriched Uranium In Iran

Iran has enough uranium for 5 bombs: expert

While Japan turns away from nuclear power, South Korea sticks to its path

Top Nuclear Regulator Resigns Amid GOP Criticisms

Iran Suspected of Clean-up Operation at Nuclear Site

A Silent Majority Speaks....For the first time in half a century, Japan is without nuclear power

Japan Shuts Off Last Nuclear Plant

"Beautiful" New Particle found at LHC

New Treatment for Prostate Cancer gives 'Perfect Results' for Nine in Ten Men; Research

New Solar Flare Bursts from the Sun

US study finds link between regular dental x-rays and brain tumors

U.S. nuclear plants similar to Fukushima spark concerns

"Mutant" spider fears as white cobwebs are found at nuclear waste pool

Litvinenko's father apologizes for accusing Russia

Bill Doyle: Treating Cancer with Electric Fields- for additional information please click here:NOVOCARE- An oncology company dedicated to the development of tumor treating fields therapy

North Korea's Nuclear Express

Cameron criticizes Russia over murdered ex-spy

Quake risk to reactors greater than thought

Quake shuts nuclear power plant in Virginia

Microwaves Join Fight Against Malaria

Critics Question Competency of Inspector General's Office at Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Fire Threatens Los Alamos National Laboratory

Workers Remove Device from Damaged Japanese Reactor

Oficials Monitoring Rising Floodwaters at Nebraksa Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Experts Killed in Russia Plane Crash Helped Design Iran Facility

U.S. Regulators Opening up on Flawed Nuclear Power Plant Policing

Ex Husband Suspected of Smuggling Radioactive Materials

New Nuclear Detectors only Slightly Better

Italian Officials Seize Radioactive Wood Fuel

Can Scientists use Radon to Predict Earthquakes?

Japanese Man Certified as Double A-Bomb Victim

Yucca Mountain Ruled out as Nuclear Waste Site

Freedom for Dr. Kahn, Pakistan's Nuclear Proliferator -Dr. Abdul Qadeer Kahn set free by Pakistan's court, from Times Online

Janitor Pleads Guilty in Tennessee Nuclear Parts Theft

Presidential Candidate Calls for 45 New Nuclear Reactors

International Congress of Nano-Bio Clean Tech 2008: Call for Papers

Chernobyl: 22-years later

Wrong Radiation Dose Given to Skin Cancer Patients

Company wants to bring nuke waste through South Carolina port

Baby Sent Through Airport X-ray Machine

Transportation Security Administration"s X-ray screening raises privacy concerns

Death Claims Physicist and Space Pioneer James Van Allen

Three Cleared of Red Mercury Plot

Radioactive Material Found Under New York Nuclear Plant

Brooklyn Bridge Cold-War Bomb Shelter Artifacts Found

DuPont No Longer Wants Contract to Operate South Carolina Nuclear Facility

New Treatment for Breast Cancer

Russian Worker Killed in Nuclear Plant Accident

Nagasaki A-Bomb Weaponeer Dies

Dirty Bomb Suspect Indicted

Leak Found in SRS Radioactive Waste Tank

Bulgarian customs Officials Seize Nuclear Metal

Workers Evacuated at Handford nuclear site

Los Alamos Lab Incident Sends Workers to Hospital

Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Hans Bethe Dead at 98

North Korea Announces it has Nuclear Weapons

U.S. Sailor Dies in Nuclear Submarine Accident

Contaminated Material Left South Carolina Nuclear Site

Evidence Suggests that Egypt Produced Nuclear Materials

Four killed in Japanese Nuclear Accident - UPDATE: 5th worker dies!

Ukraine Startsup New Nuclear Reactor

UN Allowed to See Part of Brazil's Nuclear Plans

UN briefs US on Nuclear Controls

Fire Breaks Out at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Iran Denies Nuclear Purchases for Weapons

Rad Source Biological Irradiation and Sterilization System Proposal (Microsoft Word Document)

Iran Willing to Sign Nuclear Agreement

Missiles with Dirty Bomb Warheads are Missing

Radioactive Nuclear Reactor Traveling from Michigan to South Carolina

Connecticut nuclear reactor headed to South Carolina

Protective Pills for Residents Near Nuclear Plants Endorsed

Radiation Leak at British Chemical Plant

More History Making Sun Storms Ahead

Gold Nanoshells May Kill Cancer

Exiled Group Claims Iran Building Another Nuclear Site

Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Worker Exposed to Radiation While Repairing Radioactive Leak

Iran Rejects October Deadline for Nuclear Programs

U.N. Report Finds Iraqi Nuclear Program in Disarray

China Helps Mediate North Korean Nuclear Talks

South Carolina Residents Worry About Proposal to Treat Radium in Groundwater

Iraqi Citizens Stole Uranium & Other Dangerous Materials-an interview

Looters Dump Uranium on the Ground at Iraqi Nuclear Plant

Chemical Leak Detected During Refueling of Oconee Nuclear Station

Worker Inhales Radioactive Materials

UPDATE: More workers Exposed to Radioactive Material

New SRS Chief Focuses on Reducing Risks

E. Coli Carried by Nearly Half of Cattle - According to government research about half of the cattle at the nation's feed lots carry the deadly E. coli bacteria during the summer.

Chernobyl shocker as fungi that eats radiation found inside nuclear reactor

Nuclear workers hospitalized; Columbia, South Carolina plant runs afoul of safety rules - again

Troubled SC nuclear firm Kept radioactive trash in leaky bin

High radiation levels found in giant clams of Marshall Islands near U.S. nuclear dump

Former USA Hockey Star Says Radon Gas Caused Her Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Federal health officials agree radioactive waste in St. Louis area may be linked to cancer

Turning DOWN radiation levels during normal radiotherapy treatment sparks a 'seek and destroy' mission by body's immune system to target cancer cells

A spa where patients bathe in radioactive water

Radium contamination in water most widespread in Texas, environmental group says

Particle Accelerator Reveals Secrets of Ancient Mummy

Treatment of Cancer and Inflammation With Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation

South Korea detects radioactive gas from North Korea bomb test

New hostel opens in the most radioactive place on the planet


October 2016 Food Irradiation Update

Food Irradiation Update, September 2016

“Command and Control”: The day Arkansas was almost nuked

Nuclear gauge reported stolen in West Virginia

Once secret documents helping lawyers argue for sick nuclear workers at South Carolina complex

Russia's nuclear nightmare flows down radioactive river

It's hot: Chernobyl now a tourist zone

No obstacles prevent China from rapidly building floating nuclear power plants

2 British Ships Arrive in Japan to Carry Plutonium to US

New York City’s nuclear power plant leaking ‘uncontrollable radioactive flow’ into Hudson River

The Hidden City: The most radioactive spot in the state of New York

Chernobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC) 2015 - "????" shelter of Reactor 4 (YouTube)

Chernobyl disaster: Exclusion zone around plant has become wildlife haven 'on par with nature reserves'

Japan set to restart nuclear reactor, first since Fukushima crisis

Mae Keane, One Of The Last 'Radium Girls,' Dies At 107

Particle Accelerator Safety Procedures

Kitty litter mix-up caused nuclear waste explosion

Food & Wine, and radiation monitoring

Congress Group Tours Yucca Mountain Nuke Dump Site in Nevada

How do you dismantle a nuclear submarine?

Moldova police arrest 'uranium-smuggling gang'

First-Person Video of a GoPro Being Sent Through an Electron Beam Irradiator

North Carolina: Radiation Safety Month

First American Nuke Plant In 21st Century To Open Soon

Four decades later, workers enter site of "Atomic Man" accident

Photographer Risks Nuclear Radiation To Capture Haunting Post-Soviet Landscapes

Fukushima: Three years later

The Fukushima Effect: Insidious Radiation Impact

NRC: Undetected crack, leak at Oconee nuclear plant caused shutdown

Japan nuclear regulator gives first plant security clearance since Fukushima

Hanford room where "Atomic Man" injured to be cleaned

Declassified Report: Two Nuclear Bombs Nearly wiped out North Carolina

Highly radioactive substance found in Swiss dump: report

Potential "imminent" threat from New Mexico nuclear waste, officials say

Kitty litter explored in nuke dump radiation leak

Minor tritium leak reported at Oconee Nuclear Station

5 cracks in SC's Jenkinsville reactor under repair

Radiation Danger: Is It Real? The Truth About Medical Tests, Cell Phones and Airport Scanners

13 workers exposed to radiation at New Mexico plant after leak, officials say

UK's Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant partly closed after 'above normal' radiation

Hospital workers sue over excessive radiation exposure

Inadequate shielding exposed workers to excess radiation at MMC imaging center, lawsuits allege

1400% Radiation Hot Spot Found on San Francisco Beach

Sunspot goes wild! X-class solar flare blasts in our direction

X class solar flare ejection may hit Earth with solar storm

Canadian Nuke Waste To Be Reprocessed At SC's SRS

Under U.S.-Russia Partnership, Final Shipment of Fuel Converted From 20,000 Russian Nuclear Warheads Arrives in United States and Will Be Used for U.S. Electricity

Last uranium fuel shipment from Russia arrives in US, ending 20-year old program

Mexico Police Block Hospital Where 6 May Have Radiation Exposure In Wake Of Theft

Thieves of Mexico truck carrying radioactive material 'in very great risk of dying'

Truck Carrying Nuclear Waste Stolen In Mexico: IAEA

Major biological discovery…inside the Chernobyl reactor??

Spokeswoman: Radioactive leak takes Oconee reactor offline

Another radioactive leak reported at York Co., SC nuclear station

After Chernobyl, complexity surrounds local health problems

Fukushima Leak Is An 'Emergency,' Watchdog Official Says

Radiation shields, new engines mandatory for Mars

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down After Water Leaks Into Lake Michigan

Goldfish in Perry nuclear plant, NRC investigating

A look back at a nuclear facility with fresh leaks

Washington Governor: Hanford Reservation May Be Leaking 1000 Gallons Of Nuclear Waste Per Year

No radiation threat after roof collapse at Chernobyl nuclear plant: Ukrainian officials

Taking to the air on hunt for dirty bomb threats

Nuclear Security Helicopters Testing Radiation Levels Above DC Area

Many people unaware of radiation risk from CT scans

Radiation alert on hand-held dental X-ray unit

Dental X-ray machine radiation danger alert

Workers raise first piece of shelter for exploded Chernobyl reactor

US planned to nuke the moon

NHK World: Chernobyl new "stone coffin" shown to media

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: U.S. Scientists Look For Lessons From Japanese Accident

City warns of cell phone link to cancer

Workers raise first piece of shelter for exploded Chernobyl reactor

The Radioactive Orchestra: Band uses nuclear isotopes to make music

Governor of North Carolina Proclaimes November as Radiation Safety Month

Pump triggers Three Mile Island reactor shutdown, NRC says

Russia Dumped 17 Nuclear Reactors and Tons of Waste in the Arctic

Japan stresses cost of ending nuclear power as decision looms

Steam leak sparks fire alert at French nuclear plant

"Troubling ineptitude" in security at nuclear bomb plant

Company Says Uranium Mining No Risk to Waters

L.I. Congressman Calls For More Research Into Safety Of Airport X-Ray Scanners

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away

FCC asked to consider raising limit on cell phone radiation

Belgium Halts One Nuclear Reactor On Suspicion of Cracks - Regulator

Mars probe records radiation blasts that could affect future astronauts

World wide nuclear detonations 1945-1998 (video)

Arafat autopsy approved by Palestiniam president

Palestinians ready to exhume Arafat body after scientists find polonium on his toothbrush, clothes

TSA full-body scanners at airports pose little risk, study finds

Japanese PM says no choice but nuclear

US Senate Bill Would Force Nuclear Waste Fee Rebate If Yucca Not Revived

For Kodak, Nuclear Reactor and Weapons-Grade Uranium Proved Useful

Kodak Facilty in New York State Housed Underground Nuclear Reactor, Report Says

1,300 Radioactive tubes at California Nuclear Plant Damaged Beyond Repair

Beautifully Haunting Graffiti at CHERNOBYL

Texas Radioactive Dump Opens

CHERNOBYL: 26th Anniversary Marked in Ukraine

PBS Nature: Radioactive Wolves.....What happens to nature after a nuclear accident?

Chernobyl Radiation Fells Female Birds, Making Chirping More Frequent from Lonely Males

Radioactive fluid leaks at French nuclear reactor

YOUTUBE: Extreme Makeover Home Edition Explodes Radon Filled Home

Experts questions Rationale of "Extreme Makeover" Producers

Tsunami Anniversary 2012: Nuclear Plants Around The World

First U.S. nuclear reactors OK'd in over 30 years

Irradiation reduces health risks in lettuce, spinach

Radiation leak at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station: Officials say "tiny amount' could have leaked

Nuclear officials investigates posible leak at California plant

Faulty Gauge Leads SC Nuke Plant to Shut Down

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Trial: Vice President Says Firm Agreed to State Oversight

Nuclear Power Mapped: Reactors Worldwide in 2011: 443

UK joins laser nuclear fusion project

Researchers develop cheap, easy method for cesium-tainted soil cleanup

Teen nuclear scientist fights terror

The Worst Nuclear Disasters-Time takes a look at some of the more frightening nuclear mishaps of the past.

Nuclear experts warn of Libya dirty bomb material

Vermont yankee Nuclear Plant shoreline containes small amounts of tritium

Mill Wants to Stop Testing Radioactive Pond Because it's too Dangerous

Addressing Problelms at H.B. Robinson Nuclear Plant-Inside a Troubles South Carolina Nuclear Plant

High Levels of Radiation Detected in Northwest Rainwater

World Health Organization: Cell Phone Use Can Increase Possible Cancer Risk

From NIST: Who Decides WhaT'S Safe with Regard to Radiation? Technical Bullentin on airport backscatter x-ray systems

Injection Protects Against Dirty Bomb-New medication a game changer-breakthrough could save millions of lives- from WorldNetDaily

Granite Countertops a Health Risk?-Tests show some emit radon levels that could cause concern; Marble makers dismiss fears

Report Suggests Smugglers Compromised Nuclear Files

Government Moves on Yucca Nuclear Waste Site

Editorial: South Carolina 8, Nevada 5-Candidates sould say how they will get plutonium out of South Carolina

Iaho Worker Inhales Radioactive Material

Slovak police arrest three men smuggling "dirty bomb" grade uranium

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Part II (PDF)
10CR Parts 20, 30, et al.
Requirements for Expanded Defination of Byproducts Material: Final Rule

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission IRRADIATED GENSTONES Fact Sheet: (PDF) The NRC has no reason to believe irradiated gemstones currently on the market are unsafe. The NRC has not requested that jewelers take these stones off the market.

Radiation Guidelines- State by State

Radioaactive leak at Los Angeles International Airport

Litvinenko's waiter recalls when teas was poisoned

Aftermath:Who Should Pay for Cleanup of Russian Spy Alexander Litvinenko's Radioactive House?

Russia Receives Enriched Uranium from Germany

Former Russian Spy Believed to be Poisoned with Radioactive Element Polonium 210

Czech Nuclear Power Plant Spilled Radioactive Water

Japanese Nuclear Plant Worker Exposed to Radiation

One Man Killed as Truck Carrying Radioactive Materials Crashes on Arizona Interstate

Dirty Bomb Materials Smuggled Across U.S. Borders

Hospital Gives Teenage Girl Massive Radiation Overdose

Radiation Detected after Jacksonville Industrial Explosion

South Carolina Nuclear Plant to Consolidate Plutonium

Government Issues Guidelines for Dirty Bombs Cleanup

Reward Offered for Stolen Radioactive Device

Nuclear Fusion Created in Laboratory

Cancer Patients Receive Higher Radiation Dose Because of Error

Boston Science Labs Burns, Spewing Radioactive Agents

Enough Material Missing from Russia to Build a Nuke- An ABC news original report

British Plutonium Missing!

The Bomb and Its Deadly Shadow- An illustated memoir of the early days of the atomic bomb- By Dean Warren

Dirty Bomb Suspect Hearing Nears

Swedish Study: Nuclear Fallout from Chernobyl Resulted in 800 Cases of Cancer

Nuclear Fusion Reactor Decision Must Wait

Iran Votes to Resume Uranium Enrichment Program

Secret Chernobyl Archives Released

Trains Would Transfer Nuclear Waste to Nevada

Source Gives Details of Black-Market Nuclear Program

Toxic Leak Discovered Near Nuclear Plant

U.S. Hopes to Find Others Responsible for Leaking Nuclear Secrets

Pakistani Scientist Admits Spreading Nuclear Secrets

Plans to Ship Nuclear Reactor to South Carolina Abandoned

Navy Will Allow Nuclear Cargo Through Port in Charleston, SC

Monitoring Program Near SRS Loses U.S. Funding

Radiation Leak Discovered in South Korean Nuclear Power Plant

More Radiation Awareness . . .

Stories of Interest ...

Radioactive Cat Poop Cost Owner

Most Americans Uncertain about Nuclear Power -New A.P. Poll shows Americans still afraid of another Three Mile Island

Nuclear Workers Pass Polygraph Tests-After some difficulties all 800 scientists and security workers pass required test.

Three Mile Island Lawsuits Reinstated- highcourt refuses to free plant's owners from threat of suits

New Technology and Research...

Radiation Limits Common Heart Bypass Complication

Sensing for Danger

New Mobile Phone Fears

Man Dies in Lightning Storm While Using Cell Phone


$800 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Motorola and Major Cell Phone Carriers

Nuclear Scientists' Terror Links Probed

Crack In Charleston, SC Reactor Found-officials investigating options

Compensation for Nuclear Workers-Legislation in process to expand compensation

Nuclear Workers Pass Polygraph Tests-After some difficulties all 800 scientists and security workers pass required test.

Computers For Sale-free top secrets! - Savannah River Site is under federal investigation for selling surplus computers with secret data on them.

Plutonium Peril -Being prepared to become the most radioactive place on earth.

More Investigations . . .