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One Man Killed as Truck Carrying Radioactive Materials Crashes on Arizona Interstate

May 8, 2006

One man was killed and another was critically injured when a tractor-trailer carrying low-level radioactive items rolled over on Interstate 40 in northern Arizona, when it rear-ended another vehicle.

Jasper Brown, 55, of Conway, Missouri, was killed in the accident and Tim Harig, 25, of Springfield, Missouri was critically injured. Both men were traveling in the tractor trailer. Harig was taken to the Kingman Regional Medical Center for his injuries.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman, Officer Tim Mason, said the accident was not threatening to public health.

The truck was carrying protective clothing, towels, tools and other items used in processing radioactive material. The items, which contained low levels of radioactive solid metal oxide, were to continue their journey from California to Pennsylvania, Mason said.