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Nuclear Scientists Pass Polygraph Tests

paraphrased by Melissa Lovin

All 800 of the Department of Energy's nuclear scientists as well as security wokers who were subjected to lie detector tests this year, passed.

According to the agency's director of counterintelligence, about 20 percent of these employees showed some physiological responses when questioned about unauthorized contacts, showing some type of deception. But, says Curran ( a former FBI official) all were given the opportunity to reveal minor transgressions or admit to conduct that might cause guilt feelings which would show up as "deception" on a polygraph.

After their confessionals, each of these workers passed the tests to the DOE's satisfaction, Curran says.

The DOE was ordered by Congress to expand it's polygraph program to cover 13,000 employees after allegations of espionage at Los Alamos National Laboratory tainted their reputation.