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Electron Beam Technology-Electron Beam equipment and technology have matured from a little known technology in the mid 1950's to a mature, reliable process system of choice for many processes today...  article by  Joe Lovin

Historical Evidence that Residential Electrification caused the emergence of the Childhood Leukemia Peak- by S. Milham and E.M. Ossiander

Book Review: Radiology of the Chest and Related Conditions- by Fred Wright

Is Radiation an Essential Trace Energy? by John Cameron (Microsoft Word Document)

The Uncertainty Principle is Untenable-(PDF File 43KB) Written by, BingXin Gong

Single Particles Do Not Exhibit Wave-like Behavior-(PDF File 11KB) Written by, BingXin Gong

The Classical Electrodynamics Approach to Explain the Photoelectric Effect and the Photoelectric Emission-(PDF File 93KB) Written by, BingXin Gong

Are Whole Body Scanners the Next Step in Airport Security-(1MB) by William J. Baukus from AS&E