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Monitoring Program Near SRS Loses U.S. Funding

Paraphrased by:
Steve Waldrop
January 30, 2004

Georgia's Savannah River radiation monitoring program will continue in a scaled-down version at least through April because of a recent loss of federal funding.The payments stopped on January 17.

The U.S. Department of Energy provided $1.8 million over the past three years to help Georgia's Environmental Protection Division establish the program to determine whether the Savannah River Site nuclear plant near Augusta is leaking harmful radiation.

Georgia was depending on $700,000 to operate the program in 2004. Federal officials said the money was never intended to be an ongoing menas of support.

Jim Hardeman, the manager of state EPD's radiation monitoring program, said the reduced monitoring plan will mostly monitor for tritium. Employees will be paid at least through april.