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The nuclear power plants in Japan after the March 11 , 2011 earthquakes could become a major nuclear disaster.
Keep watching this page for updates and insights by Raymond Rouse on the issues from a nuke scientist's point of view.

Continuing Updates:

Current Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station by Photographs- January 2012

IAEA Status of Fukushima

INES Leaflet on Nuclear Accidents

Continuing Updates on Earthquakes around the world

INPO Special Report on the Nuclear Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Why Fukushima was Preventable


November 30, 2015
Japan earthquake: Fukushima radiation scans for babies


November 29, 2015
Fukushima radioactive groundwater protection wall 'slightly leaning'

November 28, 2015
Russia offers to help Japan shut down Fukushima reactors

November 27, 2015
EU to exempt some Fukushima foods from radiation checks

November 26, 2015
Canadian researcher targeted by hate campaign over Fukushima findings

November 25, 2015
New Fukushima winery uncorks effort to help farmers with local wines, fruit liqueurs

November 24, 2015
Radioactive waste mounts up as residents resist post-Fukushima disposal plans

November 23, 2015
The Fukushima disease: Creation of virtual world based on radioactive reality

November 22, 2015
Appropriate radiation control vital for Fukushima decommissioning

November 21, 2015
Municipalities lock horns over contaminated grass given to Fukushima cattle ranch

November 20, 2015
After decontamination trials in Fukushima, Japan will try to scrub Agent Orange from Vietnam

November 19, 2015
French radio announcer who fled after Fukushima crisis wins damages from NHK

November 18, 2015
Radiation monitoring center opens in coastal Fukushima

November 17, 2015
Second reactor in Japan brought back fully online after Fukushima nuclear crisis

November 16, 2015
Fukushima N-plant’s impermeable wall is one way to revive local fisheries

November 15, 2015
Imperial research to help in nuclear clean-up at Fukushima

November 14, 2015
Fukushima's radioactive wasteland turns into art gallery

November 13, 2015
Fukushima scientists say radiation continues to wash

November 12, 2015
Researchers link radiation to childhood cancers in Fukushima

November 11, 2015
On the News With Thom Hartmann: Radiation Levels at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant May Be Increasing, and More

November 10, 2015
Test fishing in Fukushima reels in a clean catch fit for a king

November 9, 2015
INSIGHT: Fukushima disaster keeps 100,000 from descending on 'sweet home'


November 8, 2015
Charges laid against B.C. man who called for death of Fukushima researcher

November 7, 2015
Former Japan Ambassador: Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions could be underway at Fukushima — “Troubling indications of recurring criticality” as Tellurium-132 detected over 100 miles from plant — ‘Recriticality’ discussed by Japan’s top nuclear official

November 6, 2015
Fukushima and the Dumping of Radioactive Materials into the Ocean. Enormity and Scale of this Unspoken Global Crisis

November 5, 2015
Fukushima village's sister-city treaty with Machu Picchu owed to legacy of Japanese immigrant

November 4, 2015
Time has come for an ‘honorable retreat’ from Tokyo 2020 over Fukushima

November 3, 2015
Fukushima Gets A Lot Uglier

November 2, 2015
Deadly radiation ID'd outside Fukushima containment vessel

November 1, 2015
Record radiation at Fukushima power plant could kill person in under 1 hour – reports

October 31, 2015
Cancer and Fukushima: Who to trust?

October 30, 2015
'Voluntary evacuees' from Fukushima disaster seek extended assistance period

October 29, 2015
Less than 15 percent of evacuees want to return to Fukushima homes

October 28, 2015
Machu Picchu inks friendship pact with Fukushima village of Otama

October 27, 2015
Tepco completes sea wall to keep tainted Fukushima No. 1 water from reaching sea

October 26, 2015
Nearly 40% of Fukushima evacuation personnel exposed to over 1 millisievert

October 25, 2015
Decommissioning technology key to rebuilding Fukushima: new reconstruction minister

October 24, 2015
New photo series show what Fukushima looks like 4 years after the meltdown

October 23, 2015
VOX POPULI: Lessons from Chernobyl: Put safety first in cleaning up Fukushima disaster

October 22, 2015
Fukushima Plant Worker Develops Blood Cancer


October 21, 2015
TEPCO for 1st time studies inside No. 3 containment vessel at Fukushima plant


October 20, 2015
For the first time, Fukushima recovery worker diagnosed with cancer


October 19, 2015
Abe pledges government action in decommissioning Fukushima No. 1


October 18, 2015
Fukushima skating rink to reopen in anticipation of residents’ return


October 17, 2015
Japan Is Serving Foreigners Food from Post-Meltdown Fukushima


October 16, 2015
Fukushima Wasteland: Drone Footage Shows Terrifying Abandoned Nuclear Zone


October 15, 2015
Fukushima cataclysm


October 14, 2015
Fukushima Radiation in Pacific Reaches West Coast


October 13, 2015
This Photographer Went Into The Fukushima Exclusion Zone And It Looks Straight Out Of A Horror Film


October 12, 2015
Safety of food from Fukushima emphasized at Milan expo


October 11, 2015
Tepco Expects to Begin Freezing Fukushima Ice Wall by Year End


October 10, 2015
IN PICTURES: The abandoned Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone, four years on


October 9, 2015
Child thyroid cancer linked to Fukushima radiation


October 8, 2015
Images reveal exclusion zone around Fukushima as abandoned, overgrown wilderness


October 7, 2015
New report links thyroid cancer rise to Fukushima nuclear crisis


October 6, 2015
TEPCO removes final canopy panel at damaged Fukushima reactor building


October 5, 2015
Fukushima woman who lost loved ones in 2011 tsunami paddles out to new life as pro surfer


October 4, 2015
Fukushima police sends nuclear contamination case against TEPCO execs to prosecutors


October 3, 2015
Lawyers call for more support for Fukushima radiation-hit people


October 2, 2015
Fukushima Four Years After The Nuclear Disaster Is A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland


October 1, 2015
Police station near Fukushima nuclear plant restarts operations


September 30, 2015
Minister cites Fukushima venues


September 29, 2015
Reluctant to speak, Fukushima moms admit fear of radiation, pressure from families


September 28, 2015
Banks invest US$132 million in Fukushima’s biggest PV plant to date


September 27, 2015
Study finds it likely that 70% of nuclear fuel melted at Fukushima No. 2 reactor


September 26, 2015
Fukushima dairy farmers to restart shipments


September 25, 2015
Will Fukushima create a “new species”?


September 24, 2015
Evacuees, students help empty Fukushima town preserve its history


September 23, 2015
Radiation Impact Studies – Chernobyl and Fukushima


September 22, 2015
The nuclear disaster at Fukushima didn’t have to happen


September 21, 2015
Fukushima Accident Updates (Blog)


September 20, 2015
Fukushima today: A first-person account from the field and the conference table

September 19, 2015
Japan’s emissions have soared since Fukushima nuclear disaster


September 18, 2015
More than 300 bags from Fukushima cleanup washed away during Tochigi floods


September 17, 2015
Is This Giant Mutant Wolffish A Result Of The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster?


September 16, 2015
Solar power farms grow in shadow of Fukushima plant


September 15, 2015
Japan pledges open info-sharing at IAEA on Fukushima No. 1


September 14, 2015
Water Stored Near Fukushima Nuke Reactors Purified, Sent To Sea


September 13, 2015
Evacuation of Fukushima elderly riskier than then-exposure to radiation: study


September 12, 2015
82 contaminated waste bags from Fukushima washed away by typhoon floods


September 11, 2015
Fukushima leaks radioactive water after Typhoon Etau busts drainage system


September 10, 2015
170,000 flee homes after floods hit Japan, Fukushima nuclear plant safety at risk (VIDEOS)


September 9, 2015
Radiation Expert: Horrific health toll from Fukushima — “Impossible not to be moved by scale of deaths and suffering” — Thousands to die of cancer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — Number of dead babies significantly increased in many areas of Japan — Government actions unconscionable (AUDIO)


September 8, 2015
Can Towns Near Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant Recover?


September 7, 2015
Radiation fears growing as govt’ finds strangely deformed trees around Fukushima — Nearly 100% have ‘morphological defects’ — “Trees did not have a top bud, without which its growth cannot continue” — Effects worsening over time — Researchers prevented from doing studies… “so little data” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


September 6, 2015
EDITORIAL: Each Fukushima water leak weakens faith in Japan's food safety


September 5, 2015
Fukushima Daiichi drainage system enters operation


September 4, 2015
Japan to lift evacuation order for Fukushima town of Naraha


September 3, 2015
TEPCO starts pumping up Fukushima groundwater


September 2, 2015
Former Fukushima Worker Sues TEPCO Over Cancer


September 1, 2015
Fukushima-related child cancers unlikely to rise: IAEA


August 31, 2015
The Nuclear Challenge: Fukushima and Beyond


August 30, 2015
Morphological defects found in Japanese fir trees around Fukushima nuclear plant


August 29, 2015
Conditions and safety the focus at Fukushima site


August 28, 2015
Toda inaugurates 2.2-MW solar station in Fukushima


August 27, 2015
Subatomic particles may help locate Fukushima’s missing uranium


August 26, 2015
Fukushima: Thousands Have Already Died, Thousands More Will Die


August 25, 2015
Fishermen OK Tepco’s plan to dump Fukushima plant water into sea


August 24, 2015
Proving Negligence in TEPCO Case Daunting


August 23, 2015
Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuees promised 2017 return but 'ineffective' clear-up may take 200 years


August 22, 2015
Four years after Fukushima, Japan returns to nuclear power generation


August 21, 2015
Fukushima contamination, in the ocean and biosphere


August 20, 2015
Japan asks for WTO panel to rule on S.Korea's Fukushima-related food import restrictions


August 19, 2015
Tepco and Mitsubishi Partnering on Fukushima Coal-Fired Plants


August 18, 2015
Tepco faces mounting legal woes over Fukushima No. 1 meltdowns


August 17, 2015
Japan nuclear utility near active volcano in Fukushima has no special precautions


August 16, 2015
Decades of work for Cumbrian firm at Fukushima


August 15, 2015
Fukushima operator's mounting legal woes to fuel nuclear opposition

August 14, 2015
Fukushima evacuees return home during Bon to visit ancestors' graves

August 13, 2015
Officials: “Trillions of becquerels of radioactive material still flowing into sea” at Fukushima — Map shows nuclear waste coming up from bottom of ocean far offshore — Japan TV Journalist: “Contaminated seawater will circulate around globe… disaster like a huge cloth expanding everyday” (VIDEO)

August 12, 2015
Vice: ‘Suspicious’ death at Fukushima plant — Officials: Damaged nuclear fuel containers found in Unit 3 pool after removal of massive piece of debris — “High radioactivity prevented workers from carrying out the removal smoothly” — Concern about “new fuel failure” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


August 11, 2015
Fukushima update: Tsunami-destroyed plant still has challenges, as Japan restarts 1 reactor

August 10, 2015
Fukushima monitoring project season two


August 9, 2015
4 Years After Fukushima Nuclear Calamity, Japanese Divided on Whether to Return


August 8, 2015
They know: Hiroshima survivors help those in Fukushima overcome fear, discrimination


August 7, 2015
Japanese teenagers affected by Fukushima disaster visit Sister City of Bathurst


August 6, 2015
20-Ton Debris Removed From Fukushima Daiichi Fuel Pool


August 5, 2015
Vice: ‘Suspicious’ death at Fukushima plant — Officials: Damaged nuclear fuel containers found in Unit 3 pool after removal of massive piece of debris — “High radioactivity prevented workers from carrying out the removal smoothly” — Concern about “new fuel failure” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


August 4, 2015
On the Fourth Anniversary of Fukushima, Artists Install an Exhibition Amid the Radiation


August 3, 2015
Japan Builds World's Largest Floating Wind Turbine off Fukushima


August 2, 2015
Company hails breakthrough in Fukushima nuclear clear-up


August 1, 2015
Fukushima high school evacuee to share experiences at United Nations


July 31, 2015
3 Former Executives to Be Prosecuted in Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


July 30, 2015
Fukushima operator sued over suicide of 102-yo by hanging during evacuation


July 29, 2015
Japan and IAEA risk Fukushima victims' lives with forced return


July 28, 2015
Fukushima Nuke Plant Operators Begin Key Stage of Decommissioning


July 27, 2015
Fukushima Operator Prepares to Lift 20-Ton Debris From Fuel Pool


July 26, 2015
Nuclear expert tasked with leading Fukushima decommissioning


July 25, 2015
Reconstruction plans drawn up for no-go municipalities near Fukushima plant


July 24, 2015
Fukushima cattle producer's beef with TEPCO, government leads to lawsuit


July 23, 2015
Russia eases Fukushima-related seafood ban; Taiwan mulls loosening embargo


July 22, 2015
Offshore Wind Energy Project Outside Fukushima Coming Along


July 21, 2015
Nuclear Expert: We should be very worried about ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima… “Complete failure” of ice wall built to contain extremely radioactive water… Plutonium is flowing into Pacific, will for many years to come — Strontium in ocean hits record level, huge increase reported since April (VIDEO)


July 20, 2015
Fukushima trials to explore viability of hydrogen fuel netwo


July 19, 2015
Canadian nuclear power plants completing upgrades prompted by Fukushima


July 18, 2015
Transfer of radiation-tainted soil from Fukushima Prefecture school starts


July 17, 2015
TV: Nuclear waste overflowing into Pacific Ocean at Fukushima — Officials: Impossible to stop the spill anytime soon — Torrential rainfall from approaching typhoon already too much for plant to handle

July 16, 2015
TEPCO to Resume Fukushima Protective Cover Removal in Late July – Reports


July 15, 2015
Deformed daisies from Fukushima disaster site gain Internet fame


July 14, 2015
Document shows nuclear fuel burned through bottom of containment vessel under Fukushima reactor — Official: Leakage we observed indicates melt-through by ‘shell attack’ — “This is a very big problem… fuel debris in the PCV is doing something bad” (VIDEO)


July 13, 2015
No One Knows What to Do With Fukushima’s Endless Tanks of Radioactive Water


July 12, 2015
Fukushima Daiichi Status Updates

July 11, 2015
Experts: Plutonium levels 10,000,000 times normal in water below Fukushima reactors — Plutonium hit record high off coast in 2014 — “Has been transported relatively long distances” – Every sample taken from rivers flowing into Pacific had Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241,and Pu-242 from plant


July 10, 2015
Sellafield workers join Fukushima clean-up operation


July 9, 2015
View from Inside Fukushima Prefecture: Vastly Different from Govt. Pronouncements


July 8, 2015
Fukushima in the frame for robot, drone testing center


July 7, 2015
Neoliberalism, Fukushima, and the Pope’s Letter

July 6, 2015
Looking Inside Fukushima Prefecture


July 5, 2015
Toshiba testing its 'scorpion' robot inside Fukushima nuclear reactor


July 4, 2015
AP Photographer: I could fell a “buzzing” in air when in Fukushima, how do you show that in a picture? — Gov’t Experts: Fukushima radiation affected telescopes used to detect space weather; Thought to be related to decay of plutonium (VIDEO)


July 3, 2015
Officials: Much of Pacific Ocean threatened by Fukushima releases, an area covering 1/3 of globe — US: “States in region understandably concerned for safety”… “Urgent need” to assess impact on food, water — IAEA begins testing around Pacific


July 2, 2015
Fukushima nuclear reactor will get mapped with subatomic particles

July 1, 2015
Space Particles Are Helping Map the Inside of Fukushima


June 30, 2015
Toshiba readies scorpion-like robot for Fukushima nuclear plant


June 29, 2015
Struggling TEPCO to Gain Additional Funding From 3 National Mega-Banks


June 28, 2015
Fukushima Not Even Close To Being Under Control

June 27, 2015
Tepco touts Fukushima Daiichi cleanup, but long road ahead

June 26, 2015
Major Newspapers: The big question is, where did Fukushima’s melted fuel go?… Just where is that fuel?… No one even knows where it is — Experts: The world’s never seen anything like this… We have 3 nuclear cores that hit groundwater (VIDEO)


June 25, 2015
Student volunteers move in with elderly 3/11 refugees in Fukushima


June 24, 2015
Dr. Josh Park’s Courage at Fukushima

June 23, 2015
COMMENTARY: Don’t let nuclear disaster be forgotten like great Fukushima mon


June 22, 2015
Largest offshore wind turbine unveiled in Fukushima


June 21, 2015
Foreign journalists visit Fukushima nuclear plant


June 20, 2015
Japan asks China to ease food import restrictions introduced after Fukushima nuclear disaster


June 19, 2015
Fukushima town decides to preserve pro-nuclear signs as negative legacy


June 18, 2015
Fukushima operator 'knew of need to protect against tsunami but did not act'


June 17, 2015
Fukushima radioactive waste storage operator’s intranet infected by virus


June 16, 2015
US Gov’t Contractor: Fukushima so fragile it can turn globally catastrophic at any moment — Concern about impact to West Coast from another meltdown — Danger of something “far worse” than initial event — “Substantial risk to stability of Asia-Pacific” — National Lab: Fukushima already a global disaster (VIDEO)


June 15, 2015
7,000 Tochigi residents seek compensation over Fukushima nuclear disaster


June 14, 2015
Quake-proofing efforts lag at Fukushima schools


June 13, 2015
Japan delays nuclear fuel removal schedule for Fukushima plant


June 12, 2015
Japan to speed up return of Fukushima area evacuees


June 11, 2015
UK firm wins Fukushima nuclear contract


June 10, 2015
Start of reactor fuel removal at crippled Fukushima No. 1 plant may be delayed up to three years


June 9, 2015
Slogan writer seeks to keep Fukushima pro-nuclear signboard in place


June 8, 2015
Robots compete in Fukushima-inspired US challenge


June 7, 2015
Tepco to end blanket compensation for Fukushima businesses by fiscal 2017


June 6, 2015
Radiated Fukushima Prefecture soil disposal facility to be nationalized


June 5, 2015
Fukushima youths ready to desert irradiated hometowns, survey finds

June 4, 2015
Away from home but where the heart is--novelist moves to Fukushima


June 3, 2015
Flood, fire and Fukushima: environmental photographer of the year 2015 – in pictures


June 2, 2015
South Korea agrees to WTO consultations on Fukushima-based import restrictions


June 1, 2015
Foreign volunteers in Tokyo and Tottori bring cheer to Fukushima children’s homes


May 31, 2015
The Watchers of Fukushima


May 30, 2015
Officials: ‘Nuclear fuel material’ leak at Fukushima — Japan TV: Record levels of radioactivity detected in seawater — Spiked “more than 200 times” at sampling location — Highest concentrations ever measured in 11 different areas (VIDEO)


May 29, 2015
IAEA blames TEPCO's poor preparations for Fukushima disaster


May 28, 2015
Japan gives final clearance for 1st nuclear plant restart since Fukushima


May 27, 2015
“Very chilling warning” from Japan expert who foretold Fukushima meltdowns


May 26, 2015
Japan coalition wants to end most Fukushima evacuations by 2017: draft


May 25, 2015
Fukushima operator wins Qatar contract


May 24, 2015
Risk of hydrogen explosion from leaking containers at Fukushima plant


May 23, 2015
Nuclear official warns of explosions at Fukushima plant — Gases accumulating in sediment underneath highly contaminated water — Spark caused by static electricity could ignite hydrogen blast


May 22, 2015
Japan takes S. Korea to WTO over Fukushima food restrictions


May 21, 2015
Officials: 6,000% cancer rate increase in Fukushima children’s thyroids — Expert: Urgent countermeasures against the suspected outbreak are necessary — Professor: Gov’t stopped me from checking thyroid exposure levels after 3/11 (VIDEO)


May 20, 2015
Tepco sees progress in understanding of Fukushima accident


May 19, 2015
Fukushima owner negotiating partial sale of uranium reserves


May 18, 2015
Over Easy: Fukushima Update


May 17, 2015
Fukushima may end free housing for voluntary nuclear evacuees in 2017

May 16, 2015
TEPCO must focus on long-term radioactive Fukushima waste management – watchdog

May 15, 2015
LDP wants Fukushima evac orders lifted early in some areas by end of fiscal 2016


May 14, 2015
The only man in Fukushima sacrifices himself for radioactive animals


May 13, 2015
Why Tesla's Powerwall Might Mean The End Of Fukushima-Style Catastrophe


May 12, 2015
Fukushima Watch: Cesium-Absorbing Canola Project Triples in Size


May 11, 2015
Nuclear remains cheapest power source despite Fukushima meltdowns: government


May 10, 2015
Nuclear fallout renders Fukushima, nearby towns uninhabitable for next few decades


May 9, 2015
Fukushima No. 1 workers exposed to high radiation surged 1.5-fold in 2014


May 8, 2015
Germany’s Doris Doerrie Returns to Japan With ‘Greetings From Fukushima’


May 7, 2015
Fukushima evacuee aims to repay kindness with garden full of sakura


May 6, 2015
Fukushima makes great progress in first season


May 5, 2015
Class folds paper cranes for Fukushima radiation victims


May 4, 2015
“Caldrons of hell” created at Fukushima, says energy company official; Disaster is recurring each day at plant — Japan Nuclear Expert: We have a crisis “of a severity that can’t be imagined anywhere else”; People have been abandoned and “thrown away” (VIDEO)


May 3, 2015
Lawson to offer long-term jobs to Fukushima evacuees nationwide


May 2, 2015
Fukushima Report Delayed as Tepco Gets New Chance to Explain


May 1, 2015
Worker injuries double at Fukushima plant; TEPCO cites inexperience

April 30, 2015
Four years after Fukushima, Japan is solar-powered


April 29, 2015
AFP: Extremely high radiation levels detected in Tokyo — TV: 500 microSv/hr at playground, would get yearly limit in 120 minutes — “Fragment of unknown object dug up” — Reviving concern about Fukushima contamination — Officials downplay link: “Will not have adverse effect on health”


April 28, 2015
Japan Nuclear Expert: Simply impossible to remove melted fuel from Fukushima — Corium “has spread all over… could actually have gone through floor of containment vessel” — Only way to deal with these reactors releasing dangerous radiation is to cover in concrete — Will take centuries of work (VIDEO)


April 27, 2015
Is radioactive food from Fukushima being sent to your grocery store?


April 26, 2015
Fukushima world’s radiation nightmare


April 25, 2015
‘Protest against nuclear policy’: Japan’s radioactive drone pilot turns himself in


April 24, 2015
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Reactor News Latest Real-Time Updates


April 23, 2015
Drone at Japanese PM's residence has Fukushima cesium?


April 22, 2015
TV: Nuclear waste spilling into Pacific Ocean after power outage hits Fukushima plant — Radiation Expert: Site is so radioactive and unstable “it may never be contained”


April 21, 2015
CNN: “Strange green glow” seen inside Fukushima reactor — “Yellow, blue-green and other colors could be seen” — Radiation dose hits record high near 50 sieverts per hour — 15 seconds of video removed just before levels spiked 1,000% (VIDEO)


April 20, 2015
R&D center for dismantling Fukushima No. 1 plant opens


April 19, 2015
Second robot captures glow inside stricken Fukushima plant


April 18, 2015
CBS: Worst may not be over from Fukushima — “Effects of radiation have become much more severe” — “Enormous decline” seen in animal species — “Striking drop-off… really dramatic impacts” due to nuclear disaster (VIDEO)


April 17, 2015
Warnings That Fukushima Food Could Enter UK Markets


April 16, 2015
Japan Scientist: “I’ve never seen this before” — White lungs found in dolphins that died during mass stranding near Fukushima — Interruption of blood supply leading to death of tissue — Disease has been linked to radiation exposure


April 15, 2015
‘Major blow’ at Fukushima as robot loses control inside reactor — Moved 10 meters before failing — Max radiation readings more than doubled since 2012 — ‘Eerie footage’ shows orange glow in area with highest levels (VIDEO)


April 14, 2015
Japan's post-Fukushima nuclear restart plans dealt a blow by court ruling


April 13, 2015
Fukushima robot stranded after stalling inside reactor


April 12, 2015
WATCH: Robot Video From Deep Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant


April 11, 2015
TEPCO/Japan Govt. Mull 3 Options To Remove Melted Nuclear Fuel


April 10, 2015
Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant Reactor Examined by Snake-Shaped Robot


April 9, 2015
Despite post-Fukushima energy policy uncertainty, Japan pledges to cut 20% emissions


April 8, 2015
Japan considers evaporation, storage of tritium-laced Fukushima water


April 7, 2015
Fukushima radiation has reached North American shores


April 6, 2015
First low-level trace of Fukushima radioactivity detected off B.C.


April 5, 2015
Half of owners of Fukushima land for site to store radioactive soil are unknown


April 4, 2015
TEPCO Under Fire after Hiding Massive Radioactive Waste Leak at Fukushima for a Full Year


April 3, 2015
It's the FALKLANDS SYNDROME! Fukushima MELTDOWN to cause '10,000 Chernobyls' in South Atlantic


April 2, 2015
Times: “The worst possible result” revealed at Fukushima — Plant Chief: Centuries may pass before humans find a way to deal with molten cores — Top Official: “We have no idea” what to do, “the technology simply doesn’t exist… I can’t say it’s possible” (VIDEOS)


March 31, 2015
AP: Melted fuel may have “dropped even beyond” the bottom of Fukushima plant — ‘China Syndrome’ predicted by US gov’t analysis — IAEA Expert: Pools of corium beneath reactors are up to 2 stories high (VIDEO)


March 30, 2015
COMMENTARY: Fukushima Laments Fading Memories of Nuclear Disaster


March 29, 2015
Times: 200-year wait faced at Fukushima — Plant Chief: “No idea” how to decommission reactors… “the technology does not exist”; “No viable method” to deal with melted fuel; “So many uncertainties… we don’t have accurate information” — Engineers declared problems ‘insurmountable’


March 28, 2015
Gov’t Report: Plutonium at 1,000,000 Bq/m3 was detected in ocean off Fukushima — “Contaminated waters will be transported rapidly to east” across Pacific — This is “the most important direct liquid release of artificial radioactivity into sea ever known” — Scientists: “Remember, its not just cesium that’s released”


March 27, 2015
Taiwan: 283 Mislabeled Japanese Food Products Originated Near Fukushima


March 26, 2015
Expert: Plutonium-241 from Fukushima nearly 70,000 times more than atomic bomb fallout in Japan — Gov’t Labs: Large areas of oceans contaminated by plutonium from events such as Fukushima; Build-up in biosphere expected; Considerable hazard to humans — Officials: Molten fuel now ‘particle-like’, contains ‘special’ nuclear materials


March 25, 2015
Report: Over 30 million permanently affected by Fukushima radiation; Number of people exposed triples Chernobyl — Japan Professor: 14,000 sq. kilometers heavily contaminated; Millions including kids and infants are exposed everyday after being abandoned by gov’t, it is very bizarre (AUDIO)


March 24, 2015
Gov’t model shows Fukushima radioactive gas near Tokyo skyrocketed to 10,000,000,000 times normal levels soon after 3/11 – “Very high concentrations” recorded at all monitoring posts in northern hemisphere (VIDEO)


March 23, 2015
New images show all melted fuel is “gone” from Fukushima reactor — Experts: Molten core may have reached outer environment, can’t tell if fuel is still contained — Official: “We presume fuel still in containment vessel… but we need to check one day” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


March 12, 2015
TV: Officials lying, many more kids getting cancer after Fukushima — Report: 1,200+ deaths from “illness caused by prolonged exposure” — Mom: “I’m really worried… children not the same… sick… nosebleeds, rashes.. white blood cells decreased” — Radiation by school 100 times normal (VIDEO)


March 11, 2015
Japan's Fukushima cleanup 4 years on


March 10, 2015
Video: Fukushima had “meltdown, melt-through, and melt-out within a few days of quake” — US Gov’t: Analysis shows containment vessel failed after fuel “melted through” barrier — Experts: Corium may have melted out into reactor building, prepare for radiation levels over 200,000,000 microsieverts per hour (VIDEO)


March 9, 2015
German protesters call for end to nuclear power as they remember Fukushima


March 8, 2015
Labor of love left to wither and die in Fukushima


March 7, 2015
UCLA Researchers: Fukushima “not only affecting that local area, but also worldwide” — Gov’t Expert: “Immediately the Iodine-131 plume moved eastward reaching US West Coast [then] covering entire northern hemisphere… Significant concern on the safety of the population and environment worldwide” (VIDEO)


March 6, 2015
Colorado State to team up with Japan to study Fukushima nuclear accident


March 5, 2015
4 Years After: 71% of Residents Dissatisfied With Work at Fukushima Nuclear Plant


March 4, 2015
Report: Fukushima fallout detected in U.S. fish — Dose equal to samples caught 100 miles from plant — Persistently high levels detected in marine life offshore “not anticipated… orders of magnitude” more than expected — “Measurements needed… along predicted plume trajectory”


March 3, 2015
Prince William visits tsunami-hit Fukushima during Japan tour

March 2, 2015
Fukushima Accident Updates (Blog)

March 1, 2015
Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Spikes 7,000% as Contaminated Water Pours into the Ocean

February 28, 2015
TV: “Radioactive cover-up” at Fukushima — Experts believe “other sources of contamination” are flowing into ocean — Emergency hearing with plant officials — “TEPCO decided long ago there was no need to monitor” the water with high-level radioactive materials (VIDEO)

February 27, 2015
Fukushima Accident Updates (Blog)


February 26, 2015
‘Absolute Shock’: Nuclear waste on roof of Fukushima reactor flowing directly in ocean — Officials kept secret for past year & did nothing to stop it — Coming from highly radioactive debris on top of Unit 2; Gundersen: Reactor pressures got so high “it blew top off” — Amount of leakage ‘unknown’ — “Fallout far from over… International fury rising” (VIDEO)


February 25, 2015
Radioactive Fukushima Water Leak Was Unreported for Months: Official


February 24, 2015
Nuclear Engineer: New video appears to show molten corium that melted out of Fukushima reactor — “Some of it is still oozing” — We’ve been talking about criticalities going on and causing continued heat for a long time now” (AUDIO & VIDEO)


February 23, 2015
Multiple Alarms Set Off at Fukushima Plant: New leak of highly radioactive material detected — “Strontium-90 levels spike alarmingly” — “Emergency inspections” underway (VIDEO)


February 22, 2015
Construction Firm Exec. Arrested For Sending Teen To Help Fukushima Cleanup


February 21, 2015
No. of Fukushima Evacuees Drops Below 120,000


February 20, 2015
Japan Experts: Fukushima’s melted reactor cores “still active and releasing neutrons” many months after 3/11 — Radioactive sulfur was “the highest ever measured in any atmospheric sample” — “Very high” concentrations detected in Tokyo


February 19, 2015
ABC Tours Fukushima: Work at plant could be going on for centuries; “Tepco admits it doesn’t know the extent of meltdowns” — Official: We don’t know ‘real situation’ of the molten fuel, “nobody has seen it”; We need help from around the world (VIDEO)


February 18, 2015
Navy sailors suffer strange deformities after Fukushima exposure — “Testicles swell to size of tennis balls” after pants got so contaminated they set off radiation alarms — “Her arm swelled up, hand looked like baseball mitt” — “His fingers turned yellow, even brown… feet now dark red” (VIDEO)


February 17, 2015
Professor: Fukushima workers told us about “all of the deaths” happening at nuclear plant — We stayed at their dormitory and “learned a lot about what’s going on there, it really is not pretty” — Instructor who was with him on trip weeps while topic is discussed (VIDEO)


February 16, 2015
Magazine: ‘Fukushima catastrophe changed the world’; Worst nuclear accident in history, like two Chernobyls; ‘Poisoned entire landscapes for centuries’ — Study: Fukushima ‘overwhelms’ the peak radioactivity from nuclear bomb testing in ice core samples; ‘Affected the global environment’


February 15, 2015
Fukushima Accident Updates (Blog)


February 14, 2015
Japan TV: Failure at Fukushima — Cement not stopping highly contaminated nuclear waste from flowing out of reactor buildings — IAEA: Radioactive releases from plant into ocean “a challenging issue” — Officials: Don’t know what to do next, or how this will affect whole ‘decommissioning’ project (VIDEO)


February 13, 2015
Doctor “removed 6 thyroids in recent months” from USS Reagan crew exposed to Fukushima fallout — “Over 500 sailors ill after mission in Japan” — Officer: “There’s sick soldiers everywhere, many in hospitals in San Diego or Hawaii… I don’t know what’s going on” — Veteran in wheelchair thrown out by physician, “You’re faking, you need to leave” (VIDEO)


February 12, 2015
Video: Fukushima Contaminated Water Leakage Still a ‘Challenging Issue’


February 11, 2015
This serpentine robot is helping clean up the Fukushima disaster

February 10, 2015
Gundersen: New data shows Fukushima exceeds Chernobyl… Plumes seen emanating from both the Unit 3 fuel pool & reactor — Nuke Engineer: Broken fuel rods are above all 3 melted down reactors — Gov’t Experts: Unit 3 explosion may have damaged spent fuel & released even more radioactive material (VIDEO)


February 9, 2015
Fukushima: Contaminated water leakage still a 'challenging issue'


February 8, 2015
Japan Official: Fuel from Fukushima reactors is “melting down daily” — AP: No way of confirming melted fuel is at bottom of containment vessels — Tepco Adviser: “Schedule for decommissioning the plant is pure supposition” — The Economist: This is ‘Mission Impossible’ (VIDEO)


February 7, 2015
Lessons of Fukushima fading fast in national consciousness


February 6, 2015
24hr Convenience Store Re-Opens In Fukushima Restricted Zone


February 5, 2015
VIDEO: Cancer epidemic underway in Fukushima — Rates up 6,000% says head of cancer research center — “This is definitely a holocaust… everything’s being swept under the rug” — “Very, very frightening… my family members are brainwashed”


February 4, 2015
Work begins on interim soil dump near Fukushima No. 1


February 3, 2015
Work begins on interim Fukushima storage sites

February 2, 2015
Robot development zone planned for Fukushima to accelerate residents’ return


February 1, 2015
24hr Convenience Store Re-Opens In Fukushima Restricted Zone


January 31, 2015
Japan Gov’t Expert: Nuclear fuel continued melting long after injecting sea water into Fukushima reactors — Extended release time caused ‘massive’ radioactive fallout — Reactor heat ‘surged’ when coolant was added — Officials admit just 3% of water pumped in made it to reactors (VIDEO)


January 30, 2015
TV: Only ‘some’ of Fukushima melted fuel is now solid — Nuclear Expert: Molten core ‘re-melts’, even with enough cooling water — Japan Engineer: “The Fukushima accident was the first of its kind” (VIDEO)


January 29, 2015
Fukushima floating wind group delays SeaAngel install to summer


January 28, 2015
Plant-based molecule may be key to cleanup of Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster


January 27, 2015
Mitsubishi Electric Completes 6MW Fukushima Solar Power Station


January 26, 2015
Fukushima Watch: Tepco Two Months Behind on Cleaning Tainted Water


January 25, 2015
Fukushima operator to miss deadline on decontaminating water


January 24, 2015
Study: Fukushima the most serious man made disaster in human history — Obesity rates now nearly double Japan average — Excessive weight gain after nuclear crisis “a marker of radiation brain damage”


January 23, 2015
Study: Fukushima plume spread worldwide, far exceeding the hundreds of miles mentioned previously — 100 Quadrillion becquerels of Cs-137 released tops Chernobyl — “Implicates radiological hazard at distances otherwise overlooked


January 22, 2015
TV: Gov’t approves plan to ‘drain’ Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean — Professor: Monitoring necessary to detect ‘worrisome signals’ — Expert: “It’s completely unsafe… impossible to remove 100s of radioactive materials” — 1,200 radionuclides, only 62 reduced — Fisherman: “We can’t trust Tepco” (VIDEO)


January 21, 2015
Fukushima Watch: Regulator Calls on Tepco to Discharge Tritium Water


January 20, 2015
Multiple deaths at Fukushima nuclear plants – Worker dies after plunging over 30 feet into water tank – Another killed from severe head injury after caught in equipment – Tepco warned last week about soaring number of worker injuries


January 19, 2015
TEPCO racing against time to process 280,000 tons of tainted water at Fukushima plant


January 18, 2015
U.S. nuclear cleanup specialist goes from Hanford to Fukushima


January 17, 2015
“Sea creatures sick, dying or disappearing at alarming rate all along Pacific coast… Some wonder if it’s fallout from Fukushima” — New York Times: “Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction” — Study: “We may be on precipice of major extinction event” in marine wildlife (VIDEO)


January 16, 2015
Fukushima released 13,000,000,000 times more neutrons than initially estimated — “Obvious implication for human health” — Gov’t: “Neutron radiation is the most severe and dangerous radiation” known to mankind; Can travel great distances


January 15, 2015
Huge radiation spike detected at Fukushima plant — Multiple records set near workers trying to stop nuclear waste flowing into ocean — Cesium up 7,500% this week


January 14, 2015
U.S. Robot to Tackle Toxic Water Leaks at Fukushima Atomic Plant


January 13, 2015
Engineer: Outright failures continue to plague Fukushima plant — “Public may think worst is over… Nothing could be further from the truth” — Japan TV: New method failing to stop flow of highly contaminated water — Experts: ‘Diluting’ radiation in ocean adds to danger; Spreading it out only makes health damages worse (VIDEO)


January 12, 2015
Fukushima evacuees pledge to rebuild communities on Coming-of-Age Day


January 11, 2015
Fukushima Radioactivity Monitoring in the North Pacific Ocean


January 10, 2015
South Korea To Review Fukushima Seafood Import Ban


January 9, 2015
TV: Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan — Spike began around 2011 Fukushima disaster — Now at 400% normal rate — US Gov’t: Radiation from nuclear accident greatly reduces ability to fight this infection — Officials: We don’t know what’s triggering it; Seek immediate help if symptoms develop (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


January 8, 2015
Fukushima Daiichi Status Updates


January 7, 2015
Nine-year pressure buildup on plate unleashed deadly Fukushima tsunami


January 6, 2015
TV: Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan — Spike began around 2011 Fukushima disaster — Now at 400% normal rate — US Gov’t: Radiation from nuclear accident greatly reduces ability to fight this infection — Officials: We don’t know what’s triggering it; Seek immediate help if symptoms develop (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


January 5, 2015
Fukushima Rice Tests ‘Radiation Free’ First Time Since Disaster


January 4, 2015
The Fourth Winter of Fukushima


January 3, 2015
Fukushima radiation in Canada—but not Alaska


January 2, 2015
Tracking the Fukushima radioactivity plume across the Pacific


January 1, 2015
VIDEO: Fukushima corium found in Pacific — Flowing into ocean after hydrogen dissolves nuclear fuel — Scientist: We’ve actually seen plutonium floating on surface; “We have no control over this accident… they’ve got leaks everywhere”


December 31, 2014
Fukushima Accident Updates (Blog)


December 30, 2014
Radiation from Fukushima is reaching the West Coast — but you don’t need to freak out

December 29, 2014
Last recommended evacuation warning lifted in Fukushima, but many remain wary


December 28, 2014
Prosecutors won't indict former Tepco executives over Fukushima disaster: media

December 27, 2014
Fukushima rocked by strongest quakes to hit country this month; Epicenter just offshore from reactors; Nuke plant cam shows shaking for over a minute — Top Japan Newspaper: ‘Major quake disasters could strike anywhere in nation’… Great increases in probability; Measures urgently needed (VIDEO)

December 26, 2014
Newly made public: testimonies of Fukushima nuclear disaster

December 25, 2014
Watchdog: Radioactive Fukushima water to be cleaned, dumped into Pacific

December 24, 2014
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant News

December 23, 2014
Japan officials reveal Fukushima radiation release quadruple what they claimed — TV: “Fukushima disaster has been evaluated as the worst” — Gov’t has no explanation for what happened — Expert: “Massive leak for such a long period… We have to take precautions to prevent a recurrence”


December 22, 2014
Fukushima 2020? Disaster-stricken area hopes to host Tokyo Olympic events


December 21, 2014
Earthquake Shakes Site Of Fukushima Disaster


December 20, 2014
Fuel Rods Are Removed From Damaged Fukushima Reactor


December 19, 2014
Kurion Mobile Processing System Exceeds Fukushima Decontamination Targets


December 18, 2014
Mushroom-shaped “pink cloud” seen at Fukushima after Reactor 3 exploded — Film: Nuclear bomb explosions caused “pink clouds of radiation”; “Clouds were pink from fallout… They told everyone there’s nothing to worry about” (VIDEO & PHOTOS)


December 17, 2014
Fukushima Forgotten: Plant Workers Feel Voters Don’t Realize Their Ordea


December 16, 2014
Report: Massive release of Fukushima radioactive waste being planned — Gov’t Official: I was overwhelmed by amount of contaminated water from reactors, we must dump it into ocean — Experts: Much of melted nuclear fuel is now particles which are inside the water (VIDEO)

December 15, 2014
Fukushima Daiichi Status Updates


December 14, 2014
Fukushima Forgotten: Plant Workers Feel Voters Don’t Realize Their Ordeal


December 13, 2014
Kurion Mobile Processing System Exceeds Fukushima Decontamination Targets


December 12, 2014
Magazine Editor’s Final Words: Fukushima exponentially more dire than Chernobyl — Deteriorating plant threatens mass extinction around world — It’s made a deep impression on me recently — You have an obligation to be aware of conditions there (AUDIO)


December 11, 2014
Nuclear Scientist: Fukushima an apocalyptic disaster that will haunt future generations; World now an experimental lab with humans as guinea pigs — Japan Gov’t Report: Fukushima is worse than 3/11 quake and tsunami


December 10, 2014
Studying Radioactive Cesium Contamination of Children Affected by the Fukushima Disaster


December 9, 2014
Nuclear Scientist: Fukushima an apocalyptic disaster that will haunt future generations; World now an experimental lab with humans as guinea pigs — Japan Gov’t Report: Fukushima is worse than 3/11 quake and tsunami

December 8, 2014
Tour Fukushima Disaster Zone


December 7, 2014
British Researcher Blasts U.N. Report on Fukushima Cancer Risk As Unscientific

December 6, 2014
“Deadly” radioactive material up around 50,000,000% at Fukushima plant in recent months — Strontium-90 spikes to record level near ocean outside Reactor No. 2

December 5, 2014
Japan Gov’t-funded Report: MOX fuel particles found over 100 km from Fukushima — Plutonium-239 levels ‘significantly enhanced’ after Reactor 3 explosion — Nuclear fuel material transported in atmosphere across long distances (MAP)

December 4, 2014
Oxford Professor in Japan: Well so what if Fukushima had triple meltdown? People enjoy effects of radioactive contamination; Sunshine is much more dangerous; Effect of radiation same as oxygen — Former WHO Official: “The man is dangerous… He’s a crank” (VIDEOS)

December 3, 2014
Official back from Fukushima: Invisible blanket of death covers everything… it’s a nightmare — LA Times: Parents suspect heart defects related to Fukushima — Former WHO expert blasts U.N. Fukushima report, warns of cancer spike (VIDEO)


December 2, 2014
British Researcher Blasts U.N. Report on Fukushima Cancer Risk As Unscientific


December 1, 2014
Plan C Also Failed In Plugging Reactor 2 Trench…Now What?

November 30, 2014
In Hard-Hit Okawa, Life Remains A Struggle After 3/11

November 29, 2014
Video: Fukushima Hospital Sends Out Wrong Thyroid Test Results

November 28, 2014
Fukushima Worker: They’re covering up how much contamination is flowing into ocean — Scientist: We are measuring higher radiation levels off Japan — Plume near California already exceeds expectations, and will keep rising for years to come — TV: “Cleanup can’t be done… They lied from the start, Tepco is a den of inequity” (VIDEOS)


November 27, 2014
Fukushima fallout on vegetation in South Florida exceeded gov’t notification limit by over 1,000% — Nearly triple the highest level reported anywhere on West Coast


November 26, 2014
CDC Official: “Public health emergency in the US” from Fukushima radioactive material — Gov’t wanted to quarantine people contaminated with radiation, but had no authority — Emergency Operations Center activated for first time ever due to nuclear incident


November 25, 2014
CBS: Now 2 US sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure — Doctor: Officials have to re-look at this entire situation — Reporter who served on USS Reagan: “We were done so wrong… Critical health risk to all of us onboard… People are not realizing how serious the issue is” (VIDEO)


November 24, 2014
TEPCO to bury Fukushima plant trench with concrete to control radioactive water

November 23, 2014
Officials have “admitted failure” at Fukushima plant — Giving up on attempts “to prevent highly contaminated water from pouring into ocean” — Regulator asks “What was all the trouble over the past months for?” — Gov’t experts worried cement barrier is going to crack (VIDEO)


November 22, 2014
Video: Fukushima Hospital Sends Out Wrong Thyroid Test Results


November 21, 2014
In Hard-Hit Okawa, Life Remains A Struggle After 3/11


November 20, 2014
TV: “Barrier is not holding” at Fukushima plant — All efforts have failed to stop very high levels of radioactive materials flowing into ocean — Officials: More water’s coming in than we were pumping out — Workers now trying to prevent overflow (VIDEO)


November 19, 2014
Fukushima cleanup progresses, but there is no cause for optimism

November 18, 2014
Massive radiation spike at Fukushima: 40,000% increase below ground between Units 1 & 2 this month — Order of magnitude above record high set last year


November 17, 2014
US Nuclear Professor: Fukushima “a really major event here”, Washington had radioactive aerosols 100,000 times normal; “Far more bigger accident than we’re hearing” — Model shows West Coast completely blacked out due to particles covering area — Gundersen: Lung cancers to start increasing in Pacific Northwest (AUDIO)


November 16, 2014
Massive radiation spike at Fukushima: 40,000% increase below ground between Units 1 & 2 this month — Order of magnitude above record high set last year


November 15, 2014
TV: Attempt to stop flow of highly radioactive liquid at Fukushima “in doubt” — AP: Much of it is pouring in trenches going out into Pacific — Experts: Amount entering ocean “increasing by 400 tons daily” — Problem “so severe” it’s consuming nearly all workers at site — Top Plant Official: “Little cause for optimism” (VIDEO)


November 14, 2014
Fukushima Student: “It seems like we are about to get killed” — “Anyone, please, please save the lives of Fukushima people and children… Gov’t abandoned us… Japan is clearly going insane… Nothing has gotten better” (VIDEO)

November 13, 2014
Japanese doctors threatened for revealing data on how bad Fukushima-related illnesses have become — Gundersen: We had pregnant sisters in Tokyo deliver two dead babies and one with deformities that’s alive; Gov’t refuses to disclose miscarriages or stillbirths around Fukushima (AUDIO)

November 12, 2014
Official: Fukushima “destroyed our life… it can destroy history itself” — Professor: “Very hard to imagine a future beyond Fukushima, it’s so uncontainable” — Filmmaker: Meltdowns “opened up a fissure in time and space… Horror of radiation menaces the future in the present” (VIDEOS)


November 11, 2014
Top Headline: ‘Fukushima radiation identified off northern California’ — 50% of samples around West Coast test positive — 7.7 Bq/m3 of cesium near California shore, expected to keep rising for years to come (MAP)


November 10, 2014
Video: Fukushima Hospital Sends Out Wrong Thyroid Test Results


November 9, 2014
Fukushima Workers Injured As Steel Material For Coolant Tank Collapses

November 8, 2014
NYTimes: Doctors want ban on thyroid cancer screenings — “A tsunami of thyroid cancer… Stop the diagnosis… We need to actively discourage early detection” — WSJ: Judge rules nuclear reactors causing thyroid cancers — Study: Fukushima-related tumors can spread very fast, must be closely monitored

November 7, 2014
Taiwan To Check Waste Shipments From Japan For Radiation

November 6, 2014
Emergency radiation testing used at Democrat and Republican conventions after Fukushima; Also for Obama Inauguration — Seafood, meat, vegetables, milk, water checked for nuclear waste, while top officials agree to publicly downplay crisis — 80% of milk samples by Orlando, FL had ‘significant’ Cs-137


November 5, 2014
Nuclear Expert: Fukushima is a pretty close approximation of ‘The China Syndrome’; Melted fuel cores burned through containment vessels and material is below reactor structures mixing with groundwater — Essentially it’s a machine that’s washing radioactivity into the sea (AUDIO)


November 4, 2014
Japan’s Natural Perils, and Promises, in the Wake of Fukushima


November 3, 2014
Video: Understanding The Accident of Fukushima Daiichi

November 2, 2014
Official: Fukushima “destroyed our life… it can destroy history itself” — Professor: “Very hard to imagine a future beyond Fukushima, it’s so uncontainable” — Filmmaker: Meltdowns “opened up a fissure in time and space… Horror of radiation menaces the future in the present” (VIDEOS)


November 1, 2014
Fukushima Reactor 1 Dismantling To Be Delayed


October 31, 2014
Video: “Purple cloud” seen by engineer after Fukushima explosion… “I took a photo” — Former Prime Minister: Smoke from reactor blast had different color than officials claim; Steel appears to have melted on top of Unit 3; Suggests possible nuclear explosion


October 30, 2014
Gundersen: Mutations in plants being reported after chronic Fukushima exposure — Professor: Mutant flowers found in Fukushima — Biologist: “Gigantic leaves, seeds very big” after nuclear disaster (VIDEO)

October 29, 2014
TV: Officials say “extremely high radiation levels” will keep pouring out at Fukushima… “Problem can’t be fundamentally solved” — Gundersen: Plutonium leaking into groundwater, “essentially pieces of nuclear fuel”… “Parts of plant overflowing” after typhoons… “Not a problem that’s going away” (VIDEO)

October 28, 2014
Watch: Nuclear experts confront Japanese scientists — IAEA says Fukushima reactors “might still be active” long after meltdowns — “Changes completely” our idea of what happened — “Very surprised… extremely high” Iodine-131 levels — Means fission reactions lasted for weeks or months (VIDEO)


October 27, 2014
3/11 Charges For TEPCO Execs Delayed By 3 Months


October 26, 2014
Radiation levels have surged at Fukushima plant — 100,000% of previous record high — TV: “Officials say they don’t know the cause… Typhoon may be to blame” (VIDEO)


October 25, 2014
TV: Fukushima nuclear waste increasing off West Coast each year since 2012 — Fish tested “fairly high for radiation” — It’s around for next century, even if reactors stop gushing into ocean now — “A danger to people living here?… Are officials purposefully holding back info?” (VIDEO)


October 24, 2014
Sailor on Fukushima Impact on Pacific: “It’s dead… for thousands of miles there was nothing” between US & Japan — “Like sailing in a dead sea… everything’s all gone” — “Just talking about it makes me feel like I want to cry” — “No birds, no fish, no sharks, no dolphins, no turtles, nothing” (AUDIO)


October 23, 2014
What’s life really like inside Fukushima?


October 22, 2014
“Never heard of so much sickness & death in such a short period” says Fukushima evacuee — Writes about strange diseases in young people, deadly tumors and hemorrhages, pets missing hair, child losing all their fingernails, polydactyl baby — Doctor: My friends are dying of cancer, one after another


October 21, 2014
Gov’t report reveals Fukushima radioactive release much larger than Chernobyl — Japan reactors could have emitted nearly four times as much cesium-137


October 20, 2014
Japan TV Anchor: I couldn’t tell the truth about Fukushima — Shocking revelations kept secret from public — Nuclear Scientist: I have not trusted the information from beginning… “The worst scenario I predicted has happened” (VIDEO)


October 19, 2014
Fukushima nuclear waste detected off U.S. West Coast, from California to Canada — “There is definitely offshore Fukushima cesium now” — Test results will not be revealed to public for several weeks (VIDEO)

October 18, 2014
Gov’t: US, Canada hit with “high concentrations” of Fukushima nuclear material; Tremendous impact all over world, enormous public health consequences — West Coast plume was 500% of level requiring NRC be notified — UC Berkeley Prof.: “We did indeed see high… fairly… I mean… some… level of radiation” (AUDIO)

October 17, 2014
Record Radiation at Fukushima after Vongfong: First tests since Tuesday’s typhoon show radioactive material continues rising near ocean — Officials: We can’t do anything more to stop this, ‘depth and scope’ of contamination flowing out are unknown

October 16, 2014
“Typhoon exited Japan over Fukushima” — Half foot of rain recorded around nuclear plant — Fukushima Worker: There’s no choice but to pray more radioactive material does not spread into ocean… That’s the reality of the situation we are facing (PHOTOS)


October 15, 2014
Agency: Fukushima workers urgently trying “to prevent groundwater from leaking into ocean” — Levels of nuclear waste surge next to sea — Strontium-90 shatters previous record by over 5 Billion Bq/m3 — Now 25 million times EPA limit



October 14, 2014
Gov’t issues ‘inundation warning’ for Fukushima Daiichi as year’s strongest storm to hit within hours — Tepco bracing for overflows — Officials warn of landslides and torrential rains… ‘ground-loosening’ south of plant — Danger from tornadoes, storm surge, violent waves along coast


October 13, 2014
Japan Times: ‘Records shattered’ at Fukushima — Radiation levels surge after typhoon — Tepco “doesn’t know why” this is happening — Warning “crisis could get worse” as 180 km/hr storm heading to area

October 12, 2014
Typhoon winds up to 110 mph to hit Fukushima Daiichi, storm surge advisory issued — Nearly all gov’t forecasts show eye passing right over plant — Nuclear Expert: Expect radioactive material washing into Pacific Ocean (MAPS)


October 11, 2014
Officials: Typhoon caused significant increase in radioactive releases from Fukushima — Record levels of ‘highly toxic’ nuclear material found in ground outside reactor — Among the most poisonous substances at plant


October 10, 2014
Typhoon expected to make direct hit on Fukushima — Gov’t models show center of Vongfong over nuclear plant next week (MAPS)

October 9, 2014
Town Near Fukushima Plant Has Evacuation Order Partially Lifted


October 8, 2014
US gov’t analysis says Fukushima is more serious than ‘China Syndrome’ — Worst type of containment failure at all 3 reactors (PHOTOS)

October 7, 2014
Officials: Typhoon triggers alarm at Fukushima plant — Warning of leakage at Reactor No. 1 turbine building — Leak then detected at Reactor No. 3 — Camera captures images of water pouring in after “very heavy rain” — Powerful storm still packing gusts of up to 180 km/hr off Fukushima coast


October 6, 2014
TV: Dangerous typhoon causing massive damage in Japan — “Life-threatening flash flooding” expected for Fukushima, rain up to 10 inches — AP: “Packing winds up to 180 km per hour” — Experts warn of tornadoes, mudslides, and high waves along Pacific coast — Navy: Max. wave height now 37 feet (VIDEO



October 5, 2014
Poll: 20% of Japanese Cautious About Radiation in Food


October 4, 2014
Documentary: Photo captures moment containment vessel destroyed at Fukushima — Workers: White steam is coming out of reactor! Radiation spiking in central Tokyo! — US Nuclear Official: “Fukushima was nuclear power’s finest hour… everything worked as engineered” (VIDEO)


October 3, 2014
Japan TV: Alarming new discovery — Analysis reveals seriousness of contamination from Fukushima for first time — “Enormous amounts” of radioactive material released on day one of crisis, well before officials said — Plant Worker: “Readings were off the scale” (VIDEO)


October 2, 2014
TV: Huge increase in US Navy sailors suffering injury after Fukushima exposure — Gov’t reports show USS Reagan went directly into most intense area of plume just as radioactive releases hit peak — Over 20 trillion becquerels coming from plant every second — “We’re now beginning to see the real data” (VIDEO)


October 1, 2014
Fukushima chief was pleading for help from U.S. military: “Fire’s broken out at Reactor 4… We can’t do anything… please” — Leader turned pale after seeing flames and black smoke near fuel pool — Worker tries to have last meal before dying and realizes he’s unable to taste food


September 30, 2014
Fukushima Worker: “All sorts of troubles going on in plant”; Officials won’t tell public what really happens — People should worry, it’s not under control — Employees wear disguises over fear of retaliation — Reporter: Tour of plant “was very strange… feels completely dead… not many people” (VIDEO)


September 29, 2014
Expert: “Significant health risks” over thousands of kilometers due to Fukushima; Concern about rain contaminating agriculture — Official data reveals West Coast lettuce had nearly 900 pCi/kg of radioactive material; ‘Most dangerous’ alpha radiation detected in rain (VIDEO)

September 28, 2014
Fukushima Worker: “All sorts of troubles going on in plant”; Officials won’t tell public what really happens — People should worry, it’s not under control — Employees wear disguises over fear of retaliation — Reporter: Tour of plant “was very strange… feels completely dead… not many people” (VIDEO)

September 27, 2014
Newly released data shows Florida hit with highest level of radioactive material from Fukushima measured anywhere in world outside Japan — #1 out of more than 1,500 test results — Total radioactive iodine was up to 500% of amount reported

September 26, 2014
Nuclear Expert: We found ‘mystery’ Fukushima plutonium; Why it’s there is yet to be understood, this was not expected — US Gov’t Expert: I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole too far… There’s speculation about plutonium fuel and about what other fuel they were using (VIDEO)


September 25, 2014
Leader of Fukushima plant “started staggering… mumbling ‘It’s all over’” before last reactor melted — Appears to collapse, has visions while motionless on floor — Top official “bursts into tears” at meeting — No way to prevent ‘utter catastrophe’ — ‘Chilling’ sound soon heard, ‘gaping hole’ in reactor suspected

September 24, 2014
“Groundbreaking” study reveals Fukushima nuclear waste is poisoning wildlife: Up to 99% of offspring died after eating ‘low-level’ contaminated food — “Very high” abnormality rates including “severe and rare” deformities (PHOTOS)

September 23, 2014
Fukushima radiation still poisoning insects


September 22, 2014
VIDEO: Radioactive material now flowing toward Tokyo and contaminating their water supply; Problems “actually only getting worse” — “Truth is no one in world really knows how to deal with Fukushima” — Gov’t Expert: Tepco “should give up’ making ice walls

September 21, 2014
Japan Times: Fukushima plant plagued by problems as radioactive material bleeds into Pacific — Radiation level in groundwater now 25,000 times higher than when year began


September 20, 2014
Leader of Fukushima Study: “Intense exposure” headed toward US west coast; Plume traveling very fast via oceanic jet — “High concentrations” to impact California coastal areas; Prolonged period of radioactive upwelling expected (VIDEO)


September 19, 2014
Fukushima radiation a “major threat” to survival of baby birds — “Immediate and worrisome” impacts on marine wildlife discussed — More damage to come as radioactive material biomagnifies in food chain


September 18, 2014
AFP: Strong quake rocks Eastern Japan, “biggest this year” — Fukushima Officials: Experts say Magnitude 8 quake “will occur” offshore; “Temporary seawall built as measure against the accompanying tsunami aftershock” (VIDEO)


September 17, 2014
Ocean hits record high for radioactive Strontium at all 6 locations near Fukushima reactors — Levels up to 20 times higher than reported last week — Officials: Contamination from highly radioactive ‘debris’ is seeping into ground and flowing out to sea


September 16, 2014
“Very Frightening”: Journalist on popular Japan news program found dead — Only person reporting about Fukushima on national TV — Chilling recent quote: “I want you to know I will never commit suicide” — No news coverage of death, no obituary, ‘strange’ nuclear message shown on air (VIDEO)


September 15, 2014
Record high Strontium-90 in ocean water at every location outside destroyed Fukushima reactors — Levels up to 20 times higher than reported last week — Officials: Contamination is from highly radioactive ‘debris’ seeping into ground, then flowing out to seak”

September 14, 2014
Expert: Plutonium contamination of Pacific Ocean food chain from Fukushima now suspected; “Real source of potential long term problems for humans” — Newspaper: “Leakage of highly contaminated water into sea must be dealt with immediately” — Gov’t: Effect on health of US public not ‘significant’ (VIDEO)

September 13, 2014
Report: Worry over nuclear fuel hitting aquifer under Fukushima plant after melting through concrete — TV: Raging meltdown going on even as we speak… they still don’t have control of 3 melted cores (VIDEO)

September 12, 2014
Secret Fukushima Testimony Revealed: Plant chief considered “disemboweling himself” after explosions… “I should kill myself” — Smoke seen at No. 3 reactor before blast, “I figured this was the end of plant” — At start of crisis “I was in despair… panicking… I could not afford to logically think”

September 11, 2014
Fukushima Pref. Govt Accepts ‘Temporary’ Radioactive Waste Storage

September 10, 2014
Senior Scientist: Fukushima reactors like Swiss cheese; No one knows how far melted nuclear fuel has spread — Newspaper: Highly radioactive water thought to be coming up from ground and directly into open ocean, bypassing plant’s bay; ‘Other substances’ making contamination more serious (VIDEO)

September 9, 2014
“Not for Distribution, Internal Use Only”: US Energy Dept. estimated Fukushima release up to 10,000 times larger than nuclear regulators predicted — ‘Supercore’ scenario an underestimate?

September 8, 2014
Japan Gov’t: Tokyo area hit with ‘unnoticed’ wave of Fukushima radioactive material — Newspapers: “Heavily contaminated… High-concentration radiation” — Prime Minister: “We were right on the verge” of evacuating 50 million people (AUDIO)

September 7, 2014
Fukushima Daiichi Workers To Sue TEPCO

September 6, 2014
No Fukushima Radiation Found In Coastal Areas

September 5, 2014
Fukushima Pref. Govt Accepts ‘Temporary’ Radioactive Waste Storage

September 4, 2014
Jgov OKs Rice Growing Inside Former Fukushima No-Go Zone


September 3, 2014
Fukushima forecast used by gov’t shows nuclear waste crossing ocean in single massive cluster — “Maximum concentration propagates eastward in Pacific toward U.S.” — Highest levels worldwide remain along coast of N. America through 2026 (VIDEO)


September 2, 2014
VIDEO: Wreckage crashes into nuclear fuel rods at Fukushima Unit 3 — Officials not reporting if damaged, but “will continue monitoring regularly” — Cooling in pool interrupted after accident


September 1, 2014
Deceased Fukushima Chief: “I thought we were really dead” — Fear of “nuclear doom for eastern Japan” — “A total failure in which the fuel melts and breaches… containment vessel”


August 31, 2014
Officials reveal about 2 Trillion becquerels of Fukushima radioactive material flowed into ocean every month during 2013 — “Deadly strontium” releases now more than double cesium — “Strontium gets into your bones… it changes the equation” (VIDEO)


August 30, 2014
Accident in Reactor 3 fuel pool at Fukushima — Large piece of wreckage falls nearby spent uranium rods — M5 quake hits plant soon after — Official: “Unable to say” whether any are damaged (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


August 29, 2014
Official admits that every day 60 billion becquerels of radioactive material released into ocean from Fukushima plant


August 28, 2014
Classified Interviews: Multiple Fukushima reactors were melting down on first day of crisis, hours after quake — Plant chief thinks ‘very serious’ blast at Unit 3 NOT from hydrogen — Professor: Nuclear explosion can’t be ruled out due to plutonium in MOX fuel — TEPCO employees wouldn’t get within 50 km of reactors (VIDEO)


August 27, 2014
Japan Paper: Now 104 children diagnosed with cancer of thyroid in Fukushima — New results show 5-fold increase in rate of suspected/confirmed cancers — Physician: There’s concern over why so many high risk cancers are being found

August 26, 2014
Nuclear Engineer: Studies show multiple fuel cores ejected from Fukushima reactors… I thought so too, it was one of my big concerns — Radiation Expert: Hot particles of uranium and plutonium fuels detected nearly 300 miles away (VIDEO)

August 25, 2014
Fukushima: Three years later

Japanese Govt. To Disclose Fukushima NPP Chief’s Testimony

August 24, 2014
US Official: There were orders to not get within 230 miles of Fukushima Daiichi — Potassium iodide given to all defense personnel and families within 200 miles of plant — Over 1,100 kinds of radioactive material detected

August 23, 2014
Japan Newspaper: “The seriousness of the current situation at Fukushima can’t be understated” — Report: Unmitigated radiation is pouring into Pacific Ocean — Video: They don’t know how to stop the radioactive leaks… we’ll never know how to stop this

August 22, 2014
Top US Nuclear Officials Visit Fukushima: “The pain they’ve inflicted… innocent lives impacted forever… children” — “Sick to my stomach… as if I were in a science fiction movie” — “Very sobering” — “We raise the standard of living for millions… without us, heart surgery isn’t possible” (VIDEO)

August 21, 2014
Report: “No one wants you to know how bad Fukushima might still be… gaining traction as the worst case of nuclear pollution in history” — Physician: “This is a global contamination of wide swaths of the biosphere” (VIDEO)


August 20, 2014
Tokyo Press Conference: Gov’t is committing crimes against humanity; Fukushima children living in war zone and can’t leave — Childhood cancer developing much faster than Chernobyl; Rate now 14 times higher — Parent: “I’m revealing the reality of what’s going on… it’s only way to get rid of the criminals” (VIDEO)

August 19, 2014
Experts: Plutonium and uranium flow into ocean from Fukushima — “Heavily contaminated” water is leaking out of plant — Melted fuel releasing hundreds of different radioactive materials — Officials refuse to investigate 90% of these (VIDEO)

August 18, 2014
The Fukushima Effect: Insidious Radiation Impact

CBC: We all thought we’re doomed from Fukushima, it’s “going to spread across Pacific and they’ll be no fish and the sea life will be dead” — Professor: It’s releasing radioisotopes directly into ocean as we speak and we can’t predict when it will end; An ongoing disaster, reactors not under control (VIDEO)


August 17, 2014
Gov’t: Radiation levels on US West Coast spiked to over 1,000,000 times normal after Fukushima explosions (VIDEO)

August 16, 2014
Gov’t Experts: Fukushima fuel rods were melting 75 minutes after tsunami; Reactor core not covered with water 10 minutes after power blackout — Worker: Before explosion, Unit 1 “filled with what looked like steam or dust… a series of large bangs… noise never heard before” (VIDEO)

August 15, 2014
Japan TV: Injecting water into Fukushima reactor accelerated meltdown — Nuclear fuel rods had “reaction generating large amounts of heat” — ‘Restricted’ Data: Monitoring post measured nearly 1,000,000 microSv/hr; Within hours radiation dose spiked 30,000% far away from plant (VIDEO)

August 14, 2014
Scientists “reveal serious biological effects of Fukushima radiation” — “Widespread impacts… from population declines to genetic damage” — “High rates of abnormality and mortality” — “Species have been significantly impacted” by disaster (PHOTOS)

August 13, 2014
Plutonium detected underground near Fukushima reactor — Test results not revealed publicly for almost a year after sampling date — Officials plan to pump up groundwater from same well it was found in and dump it into Pacific Ocean (PHOTO)

August 12, 2014
Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo suburbs — Fukushima uranium in ‘glassy’ spheres transported over 170 km — Structural materials from the nuclear reactors also present (PHOTOS)

August 11, 2014
Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo suburbs — Fukushima uranium in ‘glassy’ spheres transported over 170 km — Structural materials from the nuclear reactors also present (PHOTOS)

August 10, 2014
Japan Professor: Outbreak of cancer is now underway in Fukushima children; Clear evidence of an epidemic — All of Japan is still being exposed to nuclear radiation — Gov’t Official: It will be ‘disastrous’ if we have to conclude there’s an actual increase in thyroid cancer from Fukushima

August 9, 2014
‘Shock’: Water underneath Fukushima reactors to be dumped in ocean — Attempts to deal with problem have ‘failed’ — Officials: It’s better than radioactive substances just “spilling directly into the ocean” like it is now (VIDEO)

August 8, 2014
‘Increasing alarm’ at Fukushima: Thousands of tons of plutonium contaminated liquid in trenches leaking into ocean — ‘Biggest risk’ at plant — ‘Exceptionally difficult’ problem — ‘Constant flow’ in and out of trenches — ‘Racing to stop’ more from coming in (PHOTO)

August 7, 2014
Official: “Unfortunately, the fuel itself is exposed” at Fukushima — Scientist: Our tests show contamination isn’t going away… reactors are leaking out into ocean… there’s still a problem — PBS: Plume of water tainted with radiation is reaching to other side of Pacific (VIDEO)


August 6, 2014
NHK News Flash: Meltdown at Fukushima worse than thought — Most of nuclear fuel ‘melted through’ Reactor 3 and “continued down to bottom of outer containment vessel” — “Has changed their understanding of what’s happening inside” (VIDEO)

August 5, 2014
Physician: U.N. whitewashing Fukushima catastrophe, yet their report reveals “more than 9,000 will die of cancers”… number likely much higher if correct data used — Professor: “It’s brainwashing… an infamous lie… an abuse of science… their own data contradicts their public conclusion” (VIDEO)

August 4, 2014
New radiation measurement method spreads confusion

TEPCO Faces Renewed Pressure Over Responsibility and Cleanup


August 3, 2014
No Fukushima Radiation Found In Tests Off U.S. West Coast


August 2, 2014
Gov’t Report: Over 1,750 navy sailors suffer from ‘ill-defined conditions’ after exposure to Fukushima radiation while aboard USS Reagan — ‘Significant increases’ in male infertility and child birth complications — Dozens have thyroid disorders, many spontaneous abortions — Veteran: ‘Extreme measures’ used to cover this up (AUDIO)


August 1, 2014
Tokyo Professor: Surges in airborne radioactive releases have gone on for years at Fukushima — Exceeded 25,000 times normal level — Radiation alarms sound for hours at plant — ‘Extensive’ areas being impacted (VIDEO)

July 31, 2014
TV: Nuclear waste “flowing out to sea” from underground tunnels at Fukushima — 950 Billion Bq/m³ of cesium in Unit 2 shaft next to ocean — 11,000 tons estimated in tunnels — ‘Stream’ of moving water — Gov’t regulators ‘urgently assessing’ problems, ‘sense of crisis’ needed (VIDEO)

July 30, 2014
Video: Fukushima debris “waist high” on Canadian island; “Catastrophic death” trapped in nets, it’s horrifying; 15-mile long lines of floating trash — Journalist: Radioactive tsunami debris found far from Fukushima plant — Global concern over spread of contamination


July 29, 2014
New Strategy For Fukushima Trench Water

July 28, 2014
Guardian: Abnormal blood in monkeys linked to Fukushima disaster — Study: ‘Epidemic infectious disease’ could occur — “We cannot find other reasons except radiation” — Concern about strontium-90 & other radioactive materials besides cesium — “Potential direct relevance to humans”

July 27, 2014
Professor: Fukushima scaring ‘bejesus’ out of everybody in world… still flowing in ocean, radiation levels unknown — Clearly detectable in tuna at California coast… We focus a lot on bio-accumulation — Japan: Reactor leaks “may have gathered as a lump and drifted offshore, we need to continue monitoring it” (VIDEO)

July 26, 2014
Official: ‘Death ashes’ obviously dispersed everywhere after recent Fukushima releases… Hot particles attached to clothes; Media brainwashing public — Nuclear Engineer: Huge spray of radioactive material from plant contained Plutonium (VIDEO)

July 25, 2014
‘Unthinkable Twist’: Japan expert calls for immediate health exams outside Fukushima, must act urgently or damage will be worse — Gov’t Officials: “I don’t want to discuss the issue”… Discovery of cancer could cause excessive anxiety

July 24, 2014
USS Reagan sailors not exposed to high radiation levels in Japan, report finds

July 23, 2014
Why Are Fukushima Engineers Creating Walls Of Ice Under A Contaminated Nuclear Plant?

July 22, 2014
Professor: Fukushima scaring ‘bejesus’ out of everybody in world… still flowing in ocean, radiation levels unknown — Clearly detectable in tuna at California coast… We focus a lot on bio-accumulation — Japan: Reactor leaks “may have gathered as a lump and drifted offshore, we need to continue monitoring it” (VIDEO)

July 21, 2014
Official: ‘Death ashes’ obviously dispersed everywhere after recent Fukushima releases… Hot particles attached to clothes; Media brainwashing public — Nuclear Engineer: Huge spray of radioactive material from plant contained Plutonium (VIDEO)


July 20, 2014
Japan Newspaper: Leaks plaguing Fukushima No. 5 reactor — Experts: Indicates “deterioration in the system” — Report: Water contains up to 3,000 Bq/liter of Cobalt-60, had been used to cool spent fuel (PHOTOS)

July 19, 2014
Fox: Fukushima radioactive material still being found in U.S. soil — Japan Gov’t: The disaster “posed radiation threat to human society”… In 4 days “detectable all across northern hemisphere” — Denmark: Fukushima clearly had widespread consequences, not limited to borders (VIDEOS)

July 18, 2014
Study: Multiple surges of radioactive substances detected far from Fukushima Daiichi — Over 10,000 times usual levels at plant — Mayor: Gov’t knew but never told us, they can’t be trusted — Worst may be yet to come; Risk of ‘much broader’ contamination — CBS: “Many miles away… spike in cesium detected this week”

July 17, 2014
Japan Correspondent: It’s very scary, officials trying to brainwash public about Fukushima crisis — Professor: We’re wrapping our heads more and more around Fukushima’s legacy… human impact becoming more clear… that’s a very big and serious issue here — “Virtually no public support for nuclear power” (AUDIO)

July 16, 2014
Japan experts warn of more quakes off Fukushima coast — Gov’t: There’s fear ‘relatively large’ ones will occur — Recent M6.8 a “delayed tectonic reaction” to M9.0 on 3/11 — “This is just one aftershock of several to come… could occur in next 2 weeks” (VIDEO)

July 15, 2014
Officials: Radioactive material released into air from Fukushima plant, areas far away being contaminated — Gov’t tracking plumes using emergency prediction system — “Large amount” of radioactive substances will soon be released (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

July 14, 2014
Japan Nuclear Prof.: Fukushima plant now a ‘swamp of radioactive material’ — Can’t stop pumping in more water because they don’t know where melted fuel went — Build roof over entire site? — Asahi: Continued presence of water threatens construction of ice wall around reactors

July 13, 2014
Fukushima Press Conference: “To the people of the world… dangerous developments… we need your help” — I vomited blood, skin inside mouth peeled out… no limit to radiation damage… contamination is all over Japan — Speaker nearly cries when revealing babies in rain waiting for food after explosion, “Gov’t didn’t issue any warnings” (VIDEO)

July 12, 2014
TV: Fukushima radioactive releases into ocean can continue thousands of more years, says nuclear expert — Japan gov’t concerned with tracking radioactive waste in Pacific as it returns to Fukushima from U.S. West Coast after several decades (VIDEO)

July 11, 2014
Fukushima has 9 days to prevent ‘unsafe’ overheating

Earthquake rocks region of northern Japan; tsunami advisories issued


July 10, 2014
Study shows muddy seabed off Fukushima coast has higher levels of contamination

July 9, 2014
Newly released data shows 4,000% more radioactive material in Fukushima groundwater than Tepco claimed — 39 billion Bq/m³ in sample from shoreline… after going through filtration process — Results not made public until almost a year later (VIDEO)

July 8, 2014
Fox News: “Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens dangerous meltdown… Trouble is looming” — Officials: “No idea when it can resume cooling system for spent fuel pool” (PHOTOS)

July 7, 2014
Fukushima has 9 days to prevent ‘unsafe’ overheating

July 6, 2014
Study shows muddy seabed off Fukushima coast has higher levels of contamination

July 5, 2014
Fukushima 3 Years Later – James Corbett on Global Journalist Radio

July 4 2014
Gov’t Report: Criticality suspected to have occurred in Fukushima fuel pool — Nuclear chain reaction after massive explosion at Unit 3 compressed fuel together? Concerned about ‘substantial damage’ to fuel (VIDEO)

July 3, 2014

TEPCO Reports On Radioactive Substance Leak

July 2, 2014
Gov’t Expert: Plutonium is certainly being discharged into Pacific Ocean from Fukushima plant; Flowing out of ruptured containments — TV: Reactor water turns into ‘yellowish, fizzing liquid’ from damaged fuel rods… “It actually vibrates” (PHOTO & VIDEO)

July 1, 2014
Japan Gov’t-funded Study: Fukushima has released up to 120 Quadrillion becquerels of radioactive cesium into North Pacific Ocean — Does not include amounts that fell on land — Exceeds Chernobyl total, which accounts for releases deposited on land AND ocean (MAP)

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