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March 21, 2011

The nuclear power plants in Japan after the March 11 , 2011 earthquakes could become a major nuclear disaster.
Keep watching this page for updates and insights by Raymond Rouse on the issues from a nuke scientist's point of view.

Continuing Updates:

IAEA Status of Fukushima

INES Leaflet on Nuclear Accidents

Continuing Updates on Earthquakes around the world


June 30, 2012
Temperature of No. 4 pool rising nearly twice as fast as rate reported by Tepco

June 29, 2012Fukushima radiation sizzling at 10 sieverts in flooded basement of unit 1

“Extraordinarily high levels” of radioactivity detected in household dust — 100 km from Fukushima Daiichi we’re finding tens of thousands of Bq/kg in vacuum bags (VIDEO)

Fukushima Daiichi Worker: I got worried about corrosion of pipes after seeing new video of Reactor 1 — One day pipes will break from slight quake after seeing how much they corroded in only a year — Same risk at all four reactors (PHOTO)

June 28, 2012
‘Special Report’: Plutonium levels suggest fuel rods were shattered during hydrogen explosions

Japan TV: Extremely high radiation at Unit 1 raises concerns about how Tepco will decommission reactor — Workers were to be in area with 1,000 millisieverts per hour for ‘clean-up’ (VIDEO)

Jiji: Residents continuing to flee Fukushima — People also leaving Tokyo

Tepco: Cooling system stops at No. 2 spent fuel pool

June 27, 2012
Tepco Chairman: If crisis worsened, it’s difficult legally to order workers to stay at Fukushima plant when all of them could die — We can’t give them an order that might lead to their deaths

Gundersen: “I’ve heard numbers as high as 2 million may die of cancer” because of Fukushima (VIDEO)

June 26, 2012
Watch: Large clouds blowing from No. 4 reactor during removal work (VIDEOS)

NYTimes: Suspicions increased after Tepco banned experts from testing waters in 20km zone — Japan Professor: Radioactive substances could enter ocean for years to come, Fukushima event not over

Japan to burn drums of unprocessed radioactive waste from nuclear accident — Facility to be built 100 km from Tokyo in Ibaraki

June 25, 2012
'Tasted so good': Japan sells first Fukushima seafood caught since nuke crisis

Fukushima Worker Shocked: Steel support frames under Reactor 4 damaged — Reinforcement of fuel pool jury-rigged, danger if hit by typoon or tornado — Vast amounts of ‘heavy water’ inside (VIDEO)

June 24, 2012
Tearful Fukushima Resident: “What has happened to us psychologically, physically, financially is truly unimaginable” (VIDEO)

Tokyo-based Writer: Over 1,000,000 Japanese still living in areas with high daily radiation exposure — Previous cesium limit in rice was just 0.1 Bq/kg; Now 1,000 times higher

June 23, 2012
85 microSv/h detected in mud near Fukushima gov’t office (VIDEO)

RAND Sr. Scientist: Fukushima spent fuel might have been damaged (VIDEO)

June 22, 2012
‘China Syndrome’? Former Japan Official: Underground rumblings heard in Fukushima plant area night of March 14, 2011 — “Caused by melted fuel underground” (VIDEO)

Japan Gov’t Expert: Water could get sucked out of Fukushima spent fuel pools by tornado and expose nuclear rods

June 21, 2012
Fukushima plant operator: We weren't prepared for nuclear accident

NHK: Tepco fails to reveal what caused so much radioactive material to be released — Amount of radioactivity released still unknown — Still no investigation into what caused meltdowns (VIDEO)

*CNN* Unspeakable Rage: I saw my wife on fire — “This is Tepco’s fault” — No official count of how many are killing themselves after Fukushima (VIDEO)

New Tepco Report: Unit 4 had ‘major impulsive sound’ then damage to roof on March 14, 2011 — Fire seen hours later, then again next day

Former Japan Official: US army planned to entomb Fukushima reactors days after 3/11 — Given permission to use Yamagata airport

June 20, 2012
Fukushima Suicide: Unspeakable Rage

Fukushima plant operator: We weren't prepared for nuclear accident

Local official publishes post alluding to possible additional explosions/incidents at Fukushima Daiichi between March 15 to 21 last year

“Fuel particles themselves must have been blown away” during Unit 3 explosion — Alpha particles “splattered faster than sonic speed”

June 19, 2012
“Fatal Error”: Japan given precise radiation levels from US gov’t just after explosions — Officials kept data secret from public — Year of ‘safe’ radiation received in 8 hours

Gundersen: “I think people are beginning to think maybe we can never dismantle these plants, maybe we just fill them with concrete and walk away” (VIDEO)

June 18, 2012
“Fatal Error”: Japan given precise radiation levels from US gov’t just after explosions — Officials kept data secret from public — Year of ‘safe’ radiation received in 8 hours

June 17 2012
Expert in Japan: Fukushima “is one of the best things to ever happen to Japan” (VIDEO)

June 16, 2012
Japan oks restart of 1st reactors since tsunami

Start your engines: Japan gets ready to return to nuclear power

Japan to restart nuclear reactors despite widespread fear

June 15, 2012
NHK: Extremely high levels of radiation detected just above Reactor 2 containment vessel — Radioactive substances suspected to have moved through location (VIDEO)

June 14, 2012
Professor: Radioactive ‘black soil’ on Japan’s west coast is from Fukushima Daiichi

Nuclear Expert: No. 4 fuel pool may have 5 times more cesium-137 than estimated — Either way, all of Japan would be an evacuation zone

June 13, 2012
Local Official: So many people have sore, scratchy throats — I feel uneasy about amount of airborne radioactive substance

DPA Headline: ‘Experts warn of possible catastrophe at Japan reactor’ — Professor Koide praises Tepco, faults gov’t

June 12, 2012
Japan Times Interview: “In some ways, I believe Fukushima exceeds the level 7 rating as there are 4 reactors involved”

Analyst: If truth admitted about Fukushima, it would have broken backbone of Japan’s economy (VIDEO)

Gundersen: Radioactive ‘snow’ working it’s way down through water column — It’s loaded with cesium, which these fish are swimming through (AUDIO)

June 11, 2012
Local L.A.-area Paper: “Radioactive sea spray has been shown to blow hundreds of kilometers inland” -Study

Kyodo: 1,300 people file criminal complaint against Japan gov’t officials and Tepco execs — Haruki Madarame, 32 others accused

June 10, 2012
U.S. Physician on Fukushima: Beware of all the lifeforms you take out of the Pacific (VIDEO)

*4-hour Fukushima Special* Gundersen: This basically mean
s that every bluefin tuna in Pacific now contaminated with Fukushima cesium (AUDIO)

June 9, 2012
Former Tokyo Police Chief: Tepco wanted to withdraw from Fukushima Daini, not only Daiichi

June 8, 2012
Tepco creates ‘Radioactive Waste Underground Storage Facility’ at Reactor No. 2 (PHOTOS)

June 7, 2012
Dock from Japan tsunami washes ashore in Oregon

US Study: Radioactive Xenon-133 in Washington was 450,000 times above detection levels after Fukushima — “Persisted for weeks” (CHART)

June 6, 2012
Temperature spikes in No. 4 fuel pool after pump burns — Backup also breaks

Japan Nuclear Expert: Almost 8,000 square miles now like a ‘Radiation Control Area’ after Fukushima

June 5, 2012
Are fluctuating thermometers in Reactor No. 2 broken? Gauges reported ‘not working’ appear to be changing at same times

June 4, 2012
Victims of Fukushima to get help with medical care under new gov’t law — “Right to relocation” if radiation above 1 millisievert a year?

June 3, 2012
Japanese Magazine: Tepco workers ordered to make Fukushima look less severe than Chernobyl

Japan Radiation Expert: My results show contamination has spread all over the country (VIDEO)

June 2, 2012
Chicago Tribune Headline: ‘Fukushima quake/tsunami disturbed upper atmosphere’ -NASA

NHK: More than half of thermometers in Reactor 2 not working — Tepco will start ‘start measuring temperatures again by late July’ — High humidity inside reactor blamed

June 1, 2012
New photos show what remains of No. 4 reactor building’s eastern wall

Japanese Nuclear Expert: ‘When I try to figure out the true magnitude of damage, I am overwhelmed’ — Almost all of Fukushima Prefecture would be abandoned if gov’t regulations were applied (VIDEOS)

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