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March 21, 2011

The nuclear power plants in Japan after the March 11 , 2011 earthquakes could become a major nuclear disaster.
Keep watching this page for updates and insights by Raymond Rouse on the issues from a nuke scientist's point of view.

Continuing Updates:

IAEA Status of Fukushima

INES Leaflet on Nuclear Accidents

Continuing Updates on Earthquakes around the world


March 31, 2013
Japan PM discusses restarting Fukushima Daiichi reactors — Safety to be confirmed?

March 30, 2013
NHK: “Many people have reported medical problems since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began” (VIDEO)

March 29, 2013
Worker: Rat at Fukushima Daiichi measured 15 microsieverts per hour — “It’s a moving radioactive material”

March 28, 2013
Google Street View takes former residents on virtual tour inside Japan nuclear zone

Japan Study: Fukushima fallout “unlike the past nuclear accidents” — Radioactive silver “prominently observed”

Symposium Q&A: Explosion at Fukushima Unit 3 drove nuclear fuel out of storage pool — Scattered up to 2 miles away (VIDEO)

March 27, 2013
Japan Paper: Animal has disappeared around Fukushima plant

Report: Nuclear material came off unused fuel assembly removed from Fukushima Unit 4 pool — Cobalt-60 at 1,400,000,000 Bq/kg — Debris “felt like grit” (PHOTOS)

Photo: Dead radioactive trees not decomposing

March 26, 2013
Gundersen: Image shows radioactive “thermal flare” was coming from Fukushima Reactor 3 — “Exactly where the containment should be” (VIDEO)

Graphic: 900-mile-long “front” of most contaminated water from Fukushima Daiichi moving across Pacific toward U.S., Canada (VIDEO)


March 25, 2013
Report: Females age 18 and over wanted for work at destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant — “A job even women can do… it will last a very long time”

March 24, 2013
16 million Bq/liter of Cesium-137 in water at Fukushima Daiichi Spent Fuel Pool No. 1 — More than in June 2011 — Almost 5,000 times Unit 4?s levels

March 23, 2013
Study: Up to 900 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 into ocean from Fukushima plant — “Direct discharges of cooling water”

March 22, 2013
Expert: Areas in Fukushima are recontaminated within 24 hours of being ‘cleaned up’ — Will have to be permanently evacuated

Asahi: The explosion at Fukushima Reactor 3 had seriously damaged Reactor 2 — “Worst possible case” was predicted soon after — Many workers abandoned facility

March 21, 2013
Fukushima nuclear materials reported off China coast near Taiwan — Official: “The authority will publish relevant information in a timely manner once any threat is detected”

March 20, 2013
U.S. scientists find Fukushima cesium in turtles, whales, fish

Crucial cooling systems restored, Tepco says — Local official: “We don’t believe Fukushima disaster is under control” — NYT: “Impossible to independently assess conditions at plant”


March 19, 2013
Kyodo at 2:29p ET: “Tepco hasn’t been able to work out steps to ensure bringing system back online” at Fukushima Daiichi — No ‘major’ changes in radioactivity levels

Bloomberg: Gundersen says radiation levels will increase from higher temperatures at Fukushima fuel pools

NHK: Another fuel pool loses cooling system at Fukushima Daiichi — CBC: May take days to repair

March 18, 2013
Japan Diplomat: We don’t know what’s happening underground of Fukushima reactors — Potential accident remains now (AUDIO)


March 17, 2013
CBS: Those Fukushima reactors are still releasing radioactive material into ocean -Expert (VIDEO)

TV: Tokyo is very contaminated from Fukushima disaster — Many people have left already (VIDEO)


March 16, 2013
Video: Black radioactive material being reported 100 kilometers south of Fukushima Daiichi

Fukushima internal contamination levels to rise in 5-10 years? (VIDEO)

March 15, 2013
Fukushima Woman: I started to suffer health problems one after another — Just like in villages around Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Military unit severely contaminated when Fukushima Unit 3 exploded — Too radioactive to stand by each other — “Only further heightens the levels”

March 14, 2013
Film: High radiation alarm went off at another Fukushima nuclear plant before tsunami hit (VIDEO)

March 13, 2013
Japan Professor: Fukushima release equivalent to 1,000 atomic bombs? (VIDEO)

“Very Eerie”: Reporter finds radiation levels 1,000 times over gov’t limit far from Fukushima plant — “A spot where kids walk to school” (VIDEO)

March 12, 2013
Report: Fukushima Daiichi equal to or greater than Chernobyl? “Some startling results”

March 11, 2013
Fukushima disaster will make Japan 'stronger,' PM says

Report: Animation Foreshadowed Fukushima Meltdowns? — “An eerie coincidence” noted by many including the musicians themselves — Shown in Tokyo night before 3/11 (VIDEO)

Japan Professor: Leaders of Fukushima City refused to evacuate population of 400,000 after being asked by gov’t — Media didn’t report this thinking it would cause panic

TV: Japan radiation expert says drastic measures are needed — Radioactive contamination now permanently in ecosystem — Fukushima forests must be cut down asap (VIDEO)

March 10, 2013
WSJ: Concern there are cracks in Fukushima reactor buildings leaking irradiated water into Pacific

March 9, 2013
WSJ: Molten fuel could be outside Fukushima reactor — Experts concerned it’s not being cooled properly


March 8, 2013
TV: Stories of what’s really going on inside Fukushima plant only just emerging — “Conditions are deteriorating” (VIDEO)

Rare tour of Fukushima reveals colossal decontamination efforts

March 7, 2013
'Nuclear refugees' visit their home near stricken Fukushima plant

News reports discuss melted Fukushima fuel being underneath containment vessels

March 6, 2013
Huffington Post — Gundersen: Radioactive steam from Fukushima reactors rolled out “like ground smog”… Chernobyl’s went high into atmosphere

Reuters interviews Fukushima worker: “I get stomach aches… They should give us a medal” — NHK: Thick steel plates cover ground due to radioactive substances

TV: “In Fukushima, mothers with young children pray everyday for an escape” — Black cloud is concealing truth (VIDEO)

March 5, 2013
Tokyo Professor: Radionuclides are being released continuously into ocean from Fukushima plant — Coming from somewhere around reactor housings (CHART)

TV: Strange skin condition on cows near Fukushima plant

March 4, 2013
Video: Years later, deaths occur frequently in city 85 kilometers from Fukushima plant — Area is contaminated and residents don’t know it

Shock? Major Japan Paper: Cancer risk in Fukushima ‘probably infinitesimal’ — More radioactive contamination should be allowed in food and where people live — Don’t question burning disaster debris

March 3, 2013
Fukushima Film Premiere — Tears from local official: “Not allowing the children to escape is murder” (VIDEO)

March 2, 2013
Fukushima cleanup workers break silence: Ordered to dump ‘debris’ into river — Gov’t “appeared not to believe him”

Japan official credits typhoons with helping spread Fukushima fallout

March 1, 2013
Reuters Headline: Fukushima Mothers Worried About Cancer Risk (VIDEO)

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