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March 21, 2011

The nuclear power plants in Japan after the March 11 , 2011 earthquakes could become a major nuclear disaster.
Keep watching this page for updates and insights by Raymond Rouse on the issues from a nuke scientist's point of view.

Continuing Updates:

IAEA Status of Fukushima

INES Leaflet on Nuclear Accidents

Continuing Updates on Earthquakes around the world



July 31, 2015
3 Former Executives to Be Prosecuted in Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


July 30, 2015
Fukushima operator sued over suicide of 102-yo by hanging during evacuation


July 29, 2015
Japan and IAEA risk Fukushima victims' lives with forced return


July 28, 2015
Fukushima Nuke Plant Operators Begin Key Stage of Decommissioning


July 27, 2015
Fukushima Operator Prepares to Lift 20-Ton Debris From Fuel Pool


July 26, 2015
Nuclear expert tasked with leading Fukushima decommissioning


July 25, 2015
Reconstruction plans drawn up for no-go municipalities near Fukushima plant


July 24, 2015
Fukushima cattle producer's beef with TEPCO, government leads to lawsuit


July 23, 2015
Russia eases Fukushima-related seafood ban; Taiwan mulls loosening embargo


July 22, 2015
Offshore Wind Energy Project Outside Fukushima Coming Along


July 21, 2015
Nuclear Expert: We should be very worried about ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima… “Complete failure” of ice wall built to contain extremely radioactive water… Plutonium is flowing into Pacific, will for many years to come — Strontium in ocean hits record level, huge increase reported since April (VIDEO)


July 20, 2015
Fukushima trials to explore viability of hydrogen fuel netwo


July 19, 2015
Canadian nuclear power plants completing upgrades prompted by Fukushima


July 18, 2015
Transfer of radiation-tainted soil from Fukushima Prefecture school starts


July 17, 2015
TV: Nuclear waste overflowing into Pacific Ocean at Fukushima — Officials: Impossible to stop the spill anytime soon — Torrential rainfall from approaching typhoon already too much for plant to handle

July 16, 2015
TEPCO to Resume Fukushima Protective Cover Removal in Late July – Reports


July 15, 2015
Deformed daisies from Fukushima disaster site gain Internet fame


July 14, 2015
Document shows nuclear fuel burned through bottom of containment vessel under Fukushima reactor — Official: Leakage we observed indicates melt-through by ‘shell attack’ — “This is a very big problem… fuel debris in the PCV is doing something bad” (VIDEO)


July 13, 2015
No One Knows What to Do With Fukushima’s Endless Tanks of Radioactive Water


July 12, 2015
Fukushima Daiichi Status Updates

July 11, 2015
Experts: Plutonium levels 10,000,000 times normal in water below Fukushima reactors — Plutonium hit record high off coast in 2014 — “Has been transported relatively long distances” – Every sample taken from rivers flowing into Pacific had Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241,and Pu-242 from plant


July 10, 2015
Sellafield workers join Fukushima clean-up operation


July 9, 2015
View from Inside Fukushima Prefecture: Vastly Different from Govt. Pronouncements


July 8, 2015
Fukushima in the frame for robot, drone testing center


July 7, 2015
Neoliberalism, Fukushima, and the Pope’s Letter

July 6, 2015
Looking Inside Fukushima Prefecture


July 5, 2015
Toshiba testing its 'scorpion' robot inside Fukushima nuclear reactor


July 4, 2015
AP Photographer: I could fell a “buzzing” in air when in Fukushima, how do you show that in a picture? — Gov’t Experts: Fukushima radiation affected telescopes used to detect space weather; Thought to be related to decay of plutonium (VIDEO)


July 3, 2015
Officials: Much of Pacific Ocean threatened by Fukushima releases, an area covering 1/3 of globe — US: “States in region understandably concerned for safety”… “Urgent need” to assess impact on food, water — IAEA begins testing around Pacific


July 2, 2015
Fukushima nuclear reactor will get mapped with subatomic particles

July 1, 2015
Space Particles Are Helping Map the Inside of Fukushima

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