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Fowler Associates
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Radio-Pharm Quality Manager

Provide direction for domestic and foreign cGMP requirements for manufacture, test and release of current product lines

(produces the radioactive material Tc-99m; Thallium 201, Iodide I-131, Xenon Gas, Gallium)

Lead continuous improvement efforts to reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and improve quality.

Manage Quality Department in accordance with regulatory compliance and
budgetary requirements.

Coordinates with R&D, Marketing and Manufacturing introduction of new products.

Responds to regulatory concerns from the following: FDA, EPA, USDA, DEA,
HPB, DH, State, County and local ordinances.

Manages vendor program to assure adequacy of vendors.

Works directly with operation entities to ensure that inspections, statistical process control analyses and audits are conducted on a continuing basis as specified to enforce requirements and meet specifications.

Maintain a controlled document system.

Update and issue plant-wide batch records, STM's, SOP's and specifications.

Provide performance feedback and coaching for quality personnel.

Gary D Rawlings, Ph.D.
Click here to download Gary's Resume in
word format

Gary's skills includes helping high tech companies grow through new technology, new products, and/or new markets- on a global scale


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