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March 21, 2011

The nuclear power plants in Japan after the March 11 , 2011 earthquakes could become a major nuclear disaster.
Keep watching this page for updates and insights by Raymond Rouse on the issues from a nuke scientist's point of view.

Continuing Updates:

IAEA Status of Fukushima

INES Leaflet on Nuclear Accidents

Continuing Updates on Earthquakes around the world


June 30, 2011 Day 112 of Disaster
TEPCO starts using megafloat to store low-level radioactive water
Nuclear Evacuees Leave Closed Tokyo Hotel for Other Shelters

June 29, 2011 Day 111 of Disaster
Hose Leak Forces TEPCO to Briefly Suspend Water Treatment System
Fukushima's Cesium Spew-Deadly Catch 22s

June 28, 2011 Day 110 of Disaster
Water Recycling System at Nuclear Plant Stops Again
Beyond Japan's Fukushima Exclusion Zone, Shuttered Shops Speak to Radiation Doubts

June 27, 2011 Day 109 of Disaster
Radiation Discovered in Fukushima Residents
Covers for Nuclear Radctors to use Dome Staduim Technologies

June 24, 2011 Day 106 of Disaster
Robot, Drone Fail on Japan Nuke-Plant Missions
Special Report: Japan's "Throwaway" Nuclear Workers
System to Treat Contaminated Water at Plant Still Having Problems
Sunflowers to Clean Radioactive Soil in Japan
IAEA Chief: Meeting Paved way for Nuclear Safety Framework
Fukushima Meltdown Mitigation Aims to Prevent Radioactive Flood

June 23, 2011 Day 105 of Disaster
TEPCO Struggling with Water Treatment System at Plant
TEPCO Head Meets Mayor of Town Hosting Fukushima Nuclear Plant

June 22, 2011 Day 104 of Disaster
Fukushima Nuclear Plant Remains "Ticking time bomb" After Japan Disaster: Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist
Cumulative Radiation Reaches as High as 82 Millisieverts
"You try living in Fukushima," Governor Tell TEPCO

June 20, 2011 Day 102 of Disaster
Nuclear Watchdog Wants New Safety Checks after Fukushima
Decontamination System Set to Restart at TEPCO Daiichi Plant
TEPCO Workers "Frantic" Over Vents
UK Government's Fukushima Crisis Plan Based on Bigger Leak Than Chernobyl

June 19, 2011 Day 101 of Disaster
Japan to Open Airlock at Crippled Nuclear Plant
Japan Nuke Plant was Unprepared for Tsunami Disaster, Report Finds

June 18, 2011 Day 100 of Disaster
TEPCO Suspends Water Treatment Operation
Radiation Spike Halts Work at Japan Nuclear Plant

June 17, 2011 Day 99 of Disaster
Japan Nuclear Crisis: Fukushima Shutdown for January
Government to Design New Evacuation Spots Near Fukushima Plant
TEPCO Set to Treat Contaminated Water at Fukushima Plant
Activists Urge Government to Allow Animal Rescue Groups into Fukushima No-Entry Zone

June 16, 2011 Day 98 of Disaster
Panel to Urge Fukushima to Stop Relying on Nuclear Power Plants
Video: Leaking Nuclear Reactor Scheme Unveiled
Apparent Explosion and Fire at Fukushima #4
TEPCO tests treatment system for radioactive water
Japan to release policy soon on evacuation outside no-go zone
U.S.: Spent fuel pool never went dry in Japan quake

June 15, 2011 Day 97 Of Disaster
Japan Plant had Earlier Alert
Former Inspector Complains of Regulators' Practices
Radioactive Cesium Detected from Two Whales
Government to Monitor Swimming Areas for Radiation
Tokyo Starts Radiation Checks ar 100 Locations
Green Tea Made by 5 Shizuoka Plants Contaminated with Radiation

June 14, 2011 Day 96 Of Disaster
Japanese Nuke Plants Add Vents, Other Safety Steps
Fukushima City to give Dosimeters to 34,000 Children from Fall
Tap Water Deemed Safe, but Radiation Checks to be Continued
Japanese Nuclear Cleanup Workers Detail Lax Safety Practices at Plant
China Advocates Joint Study with Japan on Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Commission to Review Safety Guidelines for Nuclear Plants

June 13, 2011 Day 95 Of Disaster
High Levels of Toxins in Water at Japan Plant Raises Risks
Despite Fukushima, Nuclear Power Production to Increase 27% before 2020
High concentration of radioactive strontium found at Fukushima plant
Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Problem Explained (CNN)
6 more workers may exceed Japan's radiation limit
Photo inside the Fourth Floor of Reactor 4

June 11, 2011- Day 93 of Disaster
Japan Protesters Demand Safer Energy Amid Nuclear Crisis

June 10, 2011- Day 92 of Disaster
Shizuoka Retailers Told to Stay Quite About Radiation Level in Tea
Failure to Resume Nuclear Reactor use will Hit economy: Kaieda

June 9, 2011- Day 91 of Disaster
Report of Japanese Government to the IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety- The Accident at TEPCO'S Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations
Radioactive Strontium Detected 62 km from Fukushima Plant
Japan's Earless Rabbit Sparks Worries about Radiation, Mutation
Japan's Radiation Fallout "A Monster You Can't See"
Fukushima School Rule: Dosimeters for Kids

June 8, 2011- Day 90 of Disaster
Blackout Hits Fukushima Nuclear Plant's Nos. 1 & 2 Units

June 7, 2011- Day 89 of Disaster
Government Doubles Estimate on Radiation Leaked at Fukushima
Red Cross Declines Blood Donation from Fukushima Man
Independent Panel Begins Probe into Fukushima Nuclear Crisis
Japan Admits Being Unprepared for Nuclear Disaster Following Earthquake, Tsunami

June 6, 2011- Day 88 of Disaster
3 Nuclear Reactors Melted Down after Quake, Japan Confirms

June 4, 2011- Day 86 of Disaster
Radiation Level Extremely High in Fukushima

June 3, 2011- Day 85 of Disaster
2 Japanese Nuke Plant Workers Exceed Radiation Exposure Limit
TEPCO to Resume Transfering of Tainted Water at Fukushima Plant
Fukushima Fallout Spurs Bans on Green Tea

June 2, 2011- Day 84 of Disaster
Japanese PM Naoto Kan Survives No Confidence Vote, but Hints He'll Step Down

June 1, 2011- Day 83 of Disaster
UN Report Highlights Japan Nuclear Plant Flaws


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