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March 21, 2011

The nuclear power plants in Japan after the March 11 , 2011 earthquakes could become a major nuclear disaster.
Keep watching this page for updates and insights by Raymond Rouse on the issues from a nuke scientist's point of view.

Continuing Updates:

IAEA Status of Fukushima

INES Leaflet on Nuclear Accidents

Continuing Updates on Earthquakes around the world


October 31, 2012
Fukushima fish ‘may be inedible for a decade’

Fukushima ‘running out of space’ to store dirty water

Fukushima rice above threshold for cesium

October 30, 2012
NHK Documentary: Our civilization is met with disaster because of Fukushima crisis — It’s a “civilization disaster” -Umehara (VIDEO)

October 29, 2012
Explosive concentrations of gas at Fukushima Unit 1? Hydrogen and Krypton-85 levels fluctuating since April, says Tepco

Cesium Levels in Fish off Fukushima Not Dropping

October 28, 2012
Gundersen: Hoax drew attention from report that Fukushima plant is still oozing radiation (AUDIO)

October 27, 2012
Report: 100,000 Tepco employees being sent to Fukushima in 2013

October 26, 2012
CNN: We know contamination from Fukushima reactors is still seeping into ocean -Researcher

Japanese Legal Expert: “Even residents of Tokyo are evacuating” — More and more people fleeing Fukushima (VIDEO

October 25, 2012
Tepco: Water used to cool Fukushima reactors could be released into ocean — Outside experts worried

AP: “Outrageous” — Japan nuclear engineer worries public water supplies far beyond Fukushima plant could be at risk — Contamination from below reactors may already be in underground water system

October 24, 2012
Japan Nuclear Expert: Humans must ‘decommission’ Fukushima reactors — Robots can’t do anything basically (VIDEOS)

Kyodo: Rice exceeds new cesium limit for first time — 60 km from Fukushima plant

October 23, 2012
AFP: School facilities in Fukushima city exceed radiation limit by 1,000% — Many hot spots around playground equipment are especially disturbing -Greenpeace

Japan Newspaper: Radiation levels rising every month since decontamination in Fukushima district — Gov’t won’t help or even respond — “Are they forcing us to tolerate high radiation?”

October 22, 2012
Russian Energy Expert: History’s most large-scale man-caused catastrophes are probably Fukushima and Chernobyl

Gundersen: Tepco was hiding “crack in the foundation” of Fukushima Unit 4 (AUDIO)

Japan Engineer: Tepco won’t spend money needed at Fukushima Daiichi — Asahi: Tepco still giving large ‘donations’ to areas with nuclear facilities (VIDEO


October 21, 2012
Gundersen Confirms: Fukushima Unit 4 is sinking unevenly — Building “may begin to be tilting” (AUDIO)

Cameras spot reactor 3 pool debris; fuel intact

October 20, 2012
Nuclear Engineer: New way to locate Fukushima molten fuel “means they’re expecting to find this stuff very deep into the ground”… unless it’s just an experiment (VIDEO)

Fukushima fire nearly twice as big as originally reported — Photo of firefighters extinguishing blaze

October 19, 2012
Smoke from Fukushima Daiichi fire visible on webcam footage? (VIDEO)

Fire at Fukushima Daiichi: Over 4,000 square feet affected near reactor buildings — Fire department on-scene — No ‘significant’ change in radiation levels (MAP)

October 18, 2012
US Analysis: Fukushima released 200% as much radioactive iodine as Chernobyl — Only includes Reactors 1 and 3

October 17, 2012
Gov’t Nuke Experts: Top part of Reactor 1 containment may have opened up before first Fukushima explosion

Red Cross labels Fukushima disaster “ongoing humanitarian crisis” — Physician: “Difficult to reveal what potential health effects may occur long term” — Official: “It has not ended”

October 16, 2012
Japan Reporter at Fukushima Plant: Reactor building’s steel frame is “severely crushed” — Getting to see structure in person made a great impact

Explosion may have occurred inside vessel of Fukushima Unit 1 — Can generate missiles that endanger containment integrity

Watch: Empty spaces seen in Fukushima Unit 3 spent fuel racks — “Would ordinarily hold spent fuel” -Asahi (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

October 15, 2012
Fukushima Woman: Children are already starting to have health problems — We hardly saw mosquitos, moths, beetles this summer (VIDEO)

October 14, 2012
Video: Japanese receiving biased information — Hundreds of thousands or more may die of cancer from Fukushima disaster — It’s all hidden from view

October 13, 2012
Gov’t study estimates 225,000 cases of cancer from Fukushima disaster -Physician (VIDEO)

October 12, 2012
Japan Official: We said Unit 4 must be flooded with concrete to reinforce building — “Plug every available space on the lower floors” — Gov’t gave up on plan

Asahi: “Radioactive material may be flowing differently” at Fukushima Unit 1 — Survey results opposite of what Tepco expected

October 11, 2012
Japan Times: Many experts remain alarmed about risk of Unit 4 collapse — Structure not as strong as before, work must be sped up — 10 years to remove all fuel from all pools?

Fukushima Boss in 3/11 Footage: “Spent fuel pool at Unit 1 is exposed now” (VIDEO)

Asahi TV: “There are much more shocking parts yet to be seen” in secret Fukushima footage (VIDEO)

October 10, 2012
Video: Radioactivity of 14,600 Bq/m2 in rice paddy soil far from Fukushima plant — Crop to be sold in Japan this year

Fukushima Worker: Some people not being given food, have no place to go — “We can work only momentarily… It can’t progress… we always need new workers” (AUDIO)

October 9, 2012
‘High Temperature Incinerator Building’ onsite at Fukushima Daiichi — Across from ‘Incineration Workshop’ (PHOTO)

Tepco: We don’t know if it was a hydrogen explosion at Unit 3 — Tell public it was though because “it’s a speed game” (VIDEO)

October 8, 2012
Inside Evacuation Zone: Cattle sick, dying — “We call it Fukushima syndrome” — Severe diarrhea, skin problems, weakened immune systems

The Economist: “Something strange was afoot” during Prime Minister’s visit to plant — Fukushima 50 muzzled

October 7, 2012
PM Noda at Fukushima Plant: “Such an appalling, severe environment”

October 6, 2012
Press Conference: Gov’t may have manipulated Fukushima radiation levels

“Unusually Serious”: Nurses evacuating from Fukushima Prefecture fearing effects of radiation -Mainichi

October 5, 2012
Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima plant “is a waste generation facility… with no off switch” (VIDEO)

Nuclear Engineer: “This is the worst possible scenario” — I think the melted fuel has already eaten through the concrete at Fukushima plant (VIDEO)

October 4, 2012
Tokyo getting 5 times more radioactive fallout than prefectures closer to Fukushima

October 3, 2012
Intelligence agency pressured researchers to withhold info on spread of Fukushima radiation

Radio: 1 million cancers coming from Fukushima? “We’re seeing that already… Enormous increase in cancer precursor” (VIDEO)

October 2, 2012
Temperature jumps almost 10ºC in 24 hours at Fukushima Reactor No. 1 gauge (CHART)

October 1, 2012
Video: Tepco’s Fukushima simulation has “100 percent error” — Bottom of containment “might be eroded or broken”

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