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Radiology of the Chest
and Related Conditions

By Fred W. Wright, Honorary consulting Radiologist, Oxfordshire Health Authority (Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Trust)

Fred W. Wright, MA, DM, FRCP, FRCR
Honorary Consulting Radiologist, Oxfordshire Health Authority (now Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust) and retired Clinical Lecturer, University of Oxford.
(Formerly Consultant Radiologist, United Oxford Hospitals)

Together with an extensive illustrative collection of radiographs, conventional and computed tomograms, isotope studies, MRs, ets. on CD-ROM (Cross-platform for Mac and Windows version 3.1 or later)

RADJournal Rating*:
* The RAD Journal rates books on a system of 4 quill's maximum for the most outstanding.

This book is a wealth of information on Radiological images. It is a "must have" for the student and practicing physician and radiologist. Nowhere else have we seen such a collection of images. At the Rad Journal, we will use it as a reference guide for many years to come. Fred Wright has performed a much needed service to the radiological community.


"Fred Wright has complied a treasure of radiological images ranging from the most practical to the esoteric. The fine illustrations are readily found using the index and search systems supplied. The work will serve well as a reference for trainees and as a companion to the practicing radiologist." -Dr. W.R. Eyler, former Chairman, Radiology Department, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit and Editor Emeritus of the journal, Radiology.

Noting an abnormality is the first important step in radiological diagnosis. To interpret radiological images accurately, a thorough knowledge of how disease processes cause abnormal radiological appearances, relevant anatomy, lung functions and alterations produced by physiological and pathological processes is essential. Radiology of the Chest and Related Conditions provides an extensive reference text and accompanying database of images on CD-ROM.

This book includes:

an introduction to reading chest radiographs, basic anatomy and physiology

a comprehensive review of the various disease processes affecting the chest plus related abnormalities

discussion of imaging techniques- radiography, fluoroscopy, tomography (inclusing CT and MR) and ultrasound as well as biopsy and bronchography

tips on interpretation of radiological images

The CD-ROM 9Mac/PC hybrid) includes:

over 8,600 image files (some composites) with corresponding case notes and descriptions

images that can be readliy accessed vis keywords, may be viewed individually, tiled as a series, or viewed in slide-show mode

images that can be viewed as large thumnails (like 35mm slides) as well as in full size format

a copy of the book text and full references as Acrobat pdf files

Minimun System Requirements

Windows OS
486 PC
Windows 3.1 or later versions
CD-ROM x4 speed
32Mb RAM
Colour monitor with 256 colours or more

Mac OS
PowerMac 5000 or later
48Mb RAM
OS 7 or later
CD-ROM x4 speed
Cloour monitor with 256 colours or more

First published 2002
by Taylor and Francis
11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE

Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada
by Taylor and Francis
29 West 35th Street, NY, NY 10001