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Press Release

October 19-24, 2008
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentine Radiation Protection Society is hosting the 12th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association. It will be held on October 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Congress will focus on three major areas:

The epistemology of radiation, namely the methods, the validity and the scope of current knowledge of the physical and biological sciences in relation to the effects of radiation exposure.

The paradigm of radiation protection, namely the conceptual model for keeping people safe from the health effects due to radiation exposure.

The practice of radiation protection, namely the actual application and use of radiation protection plans and methodologies by practitioners and industries making use of radiation.

For further information on the IRPA 12 meeting please visit

Maximo D. Rudelli
Organizing Committee
12th International Congress
International Radiation Protection Association

June 13, 2006