International Registry of Radiation Safety Officers


Hal Stuckey receives Gunderson Award

By: Elizabeth Nelson

Friday, March 16, 2001, Hal Stuckey received the fourth annual Gunderson Award from the International Registry of Radiation Safety Officers (IRRSO). The Gunderson Award Luncheon was held at Fowler Associates in Moore, South Carolina. Some of the attendees from Cryovac- Sealed Air Cooperation included: Ann Hensen, Andy Anderson, Randy Wingo and Marek Walkwiak. Mr. Stuckey was given the award for outstanding achievement to radiation safety and processing.

The award is given annually for outstanding achievements in Radiation Safety and Radiation Processing Technology and is named in honor of the first recipient, Darrell Gunderson. Darrell received the first annual Gunderson Award in 1997. Other recipients include: Dr. Arthur Charlesby (1999-2000) and Bill Baird (1998). Congratulations Hal Stuckey on receiving the 2001- 2002 Gunderson Award!!

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